McBess Wood [NSFW]

Superstar Illustrator McBess teamed up with Simon, their mates and the Mill to churn out this gorgeous music video for their own band, The Dead Pirates.

The characters featured are drawn in his signature style and animated flawlessly. They might remind you a bit of the Gorillaz Feel Good Inc. video, which I must say is about the best company to be in. The whole piece is visually beautiful in its reduced colour palette and soft shadows, and at the same time it tells a cool story that ties in with the music perfectly.

Editor’s note: Bits at the end of this video might be deemed not safe for work.

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I loves this video. The camera work is amazing – it feels like they cut together live footage and built an animation over top of it. Very organic.

Boca Ceravolo

F…. AWESOME! :-)



… and the song is not bad, but the drummer is lousy.


I would have prefer to have seen the toast beat machine be a main post rather than this boring wast of time.

Simon Robson

Ah, the classic Motionographer ‘Hate ‘n Run’ there, and by that old stalwart of The Society of Haters, ‘bicycleman’ no less. Gah, how we’ve missed you. I’m having this one framed for posterity…

Jon Gorman

I disagree a little actually – I think the character design is amazing, but thought the animation was a bit stiff (the characters only, the BG animations, camera moves and the hybrid 2d/3d stuff was excellent).


Really nice stuff – animation at some points are fantastic = at others playing instruments seem to miss >> love the look and especially the illustration

>> BUT >> has noone noticed that not only are certain scenes reminiscent of the gorillaz ( gutiar rising at end is direct from gorillaz first video ‘tomorrow comes today’) and style – but so are the characters?? Specially the girl hero and the lead singer.. drummer like Del? Uhhh, and the 2D/3D mix is used in the same manner.

Sorry to knock it – being a piece of art that it is- but the originality factor is far far from fresh.



Jamie Hewlett is not the only one…please consider the existence of other illustrator than the ones you know through video clips and ads.

and the mix 2d/3d is exactly the opposite, actually.

Mate Steinforth

You might want to try reading the post :)


Really? I see many references to characters, scenes and animation – but perhaps I’m a loner there.

I think you’re being a bit small minded about acknowledging illustrators – as I said previously, the illustration and design is beautiful.
Jamie Hewlett has done a lot more than video clips and ads.. and for someone who has put so much out there for so long – it is easy to recognise his influence if it has been used.


“They might remind you a bit of the Gorillaz Feel Good Inc.”, said the post.

I just felt in your comment that you didnt know McBess was himself an illustrator, not “just” a 3d artist.

Thats all.


This = awesome!

“bicycleman” = douche.

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