Logan: NASA Project “A Volta”

Warning: This video contains strong language, simulated sex and violence. Might not be suitable for some environments.

For the NASA (North America South America) Project’s “A Volta,” Santa Monica-based Logan built a dim lit nightmarish world of isometric madness and ultraviolence inspired by the artwork of The Date Farmers.

In an interview with BoingBoing’s Xeni Jardin, Logan’s Alexei Tylevich explains the semi-narrative structure of the project:

It wasn’t meant to be a great “story” but just another structural device to keep the viewer occupied. It’s a music track with a “plot” thinly stretched over it. I thought it might be clever to turn this video into a mini-film with a semblance of a plot. A plot that has the same level of strategically naive incompetence and misdirected energy that is implied in the work of Date Farmers.

If you’ve been following Motionographer for a while, you’re no stranger to Logan’s work. While they’re capable of producing consistently slick commercials for clients like Apple and Lexus, they refuse to be easily pigeonholed.

Projects like Toyota “Meet” and their Metal Gear Solid 4 interstitials defy categorization and challenge rational thinking. Skewing towards post-modern modes of presentation that leverage dissonance, juxtaposition and suspension of resolution, these works show that Logan is as interested in exploring formal qualities of storytelling as they are in straightforward narrative.

Case in point: The “making of” featurette Logan created for “A Volta” does little to reveal technical details, opting instead for an obtusely entertaining mockumentary:

Read the full interview over at BoingBoing for more information.

Artist: N.A.S.A.
Track: “A Volta” (feat. Amanda Blank, Sizzla & Lovefoxx)
Director: Logan
Producer: Logan
Original Artwork: The Date Farmers
Commissioned by: Squeak E. Clean Productions
Executive Producer: Susan Applegate
© 2009 Spectrophonic Sound under license to Anti- Records

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Simon Robson

Remarkable, it’s David O’Reilly on ketamine…


Wow. I just saw O’reillys “RGBXYZ” on dvd, this clip borrows heavily from it. im surprised they didnt credit him.


as usual with logan, each frame is stunning. the pure creativity of the textures and typography alone is insane…not to mention the camera work and choreography. logan continuously invents and continuously inspires.

great work.


pretty much insane :D


Simply fantastic. I can’t absorb everything in the first viewing. There is just so much here and it’s all very disturbing, beautiful, and cool.



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