RE:PLAY Film Festival: Last Batch

Rounding out the F5 RE:PLAY FIlm Festival are three treats from Nanospore, La Flama and a co-directed short from Ryan Rothermel and Sean Pecknold. Diverse, mysterious and quirky, these films offer a fitting end to a fantastic run of work from an incredibly talented pool of filmmakers. Each of them embodied the spirit of F5, striving for creativity and community in their purest forms.

The entire F5 team sends a deep, hearty thank you to everyone involved in the RE:PLAY Film Festival, including the festival’s producer, Connor Swegle. To review all the RE:PLAY films, check them out on the RE:PLAY Vimeo channel.


La Flama “The Hollow”

Ryan Rothermel and Sean Pecknold “Sans Gallagher the Younger”

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Awesome stuff! I love that Sean Pecknold gets his brother Robin (of Fleet Foxes fame) to do music on his animations. One talented family!

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