Man vs Machine / Proud SyFy spots

Lovely new idents from London’s Man vs Machine and Proud Creative for the SyFy rebrand!


About the author

James Wignall

Director / Art-Director based in London.




love the style and execution

Igor Sordokhonov

those are really elegant.


Ahhh. Those are lovely. Nice work guys.


I was watching the SCI FI channel with my roommates(3 females) and we noticed it changed to SYFY- we thought we were on the wrong channel at first. We thought we were on some new womens network. This is a SCIENCE FICTION channel…what happened to all the cool sci bumpers that were subject related. They were so creative and unique…you never knew what was going to happen next with them. People who are in the industry and are simply viewers of the station were inspired and captivated. We do not believe that this New Image is appropriate for this station.

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