Split screen music video for Kid Cudi.

Kid Cudi

Split screen music video for Kid Cudi.


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awesometastic !


This is primo fresh,camera views are great….


totally digg it


I like the fact that this is pure cinematography with no visual effect. It could have been done 30 years ago.


Filmic, elegant, and from beginning to end, a great spectrum of color. Everything is vibrant, and yet muted – something The Mill does exceedingly well, where everything comes out looking like it was washed in a bowl of Salt Water Taffy. There’s also that mouthwatering contrast of pastel tones with some neutral grays, which you can see in any storefront window display of your local American Apparel.


been trying to hunt down a splitscreen music video for ages.. think the band was called fruit and the song “mr strawberry”.. sadly no luck in finding it on the net….
one of the best one-shot splitscreens i’ve ever seen ;(


Hi ocelot,

Madonna’s slimmed down, electropop-lite rendition of Don McLean’s “American Pie” uses split screen for the majority of the video:

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