Hype Williams and Newspeak: Big Sean “Getcha Some”

big sean getcha some

Hype Williams and Newspeak for Big Sean’s “Getcha Some”

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it’s got that So Me feel to it. Except So Me could do it better, cause you could feel the vibes in Day N Nite. This honestly gets obnoxious after 2 minutes cause it just seems like the same thing over and over, and the song sucks. So Me is one up on Newspeak. Who the hell is Big Sean anyway?


haha i agree with id8, to me there is something off with the audio or lip sync….
but the camouflage part i tough was pretty tight


the lip sync is definitely off! too many effects on his voice in the studio i guess.


Its got some cool moments and they put some love into the hand drawn stuff, but I wish there was otherwise more to it than a guy rapping into a locked off fisheye lens. If you watch the first :30 you’ve watched the whole thing.


remember when hype made good videos ?


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