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Forget the Film, Watch the Titles interviews Karin Fong about her recent main title and the making of “machine vision” for Terminator Salvation, her animated title sequence for The Pink Panther 2, and her favorite title sequences.

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sorry, but what`s so great on this title sequence? (the movie left aside)


This is not a comment about this clip, or Karen’s work, it’s a general comment about the industry.

I wish film titles weren’t outsourced to design studios, but designed by the film designers, effects designers, or not turned into a piece unto themselves, etc…

As it seems.. more and more, titles are completely different from the feel and look of the movie. Sometimes it works really well, but mostly it doesn’t..

Just my thoughts.


I’ll see your bet, and raise you that the majority of good films do not need a title sequence at all, just one simple title card with minimal motion. I think there is a reason why they are being stuck at the end of the film more often these days while the majority of the audience is leaving the theatre.

I am a huge fan of the art of titles, easily my favorite facet of motion design, but they do get in the way at times awkwardly breaking up the story. On the other hand, they can help build anticipation, add excitement, and really bring some emotion to the start of a story in others. We’ve had this conversation at work many times regarding the open of tv shows as well. Really depends on the nature of the show though. Do you think Lost fans miss the fact that the show doesn’t have a 2min title run before each episode reintroducing the cast? Though maybe if it were as pleasing to watch as say Six Feet Under they would.


Is it just me, or are the credits seriously lacking on that site?
Other than that, I really enjoy what they’ve put together there.


IF are always doing great titles, but Terminator Salvation is one of their weakest.

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