Ian Pfaff

Ian Pfaff’s mutha fuckin demo reel

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Absolutely Amazing! Somebody give this boy a job!


Hire him and let us know how that works out.


I’ve actually worked with Ian in the past, and he’s probably one of the nicest and hard working people you could ever hope to work with. He’s actually a very talented individual and this reel basically shows off his sense of humor. This isn’t really meant to be taken seriously. To me, that seemed pretty obvious.


unbridled idiotism. i hope this guy lives fat making himself feel as disposable as one sheet of toilet paper.

Brandon Lori

::: dead silence :::


Nothing is more sad to me than a white guy wanting to be black…
I couldn’t even finish watching the reel.


Massimo you realise this is all in good humour and not taking it self too seriously? Best of luck to him, I think his aiming for a job at Robot chicken from his comments.


i thought it was brilliant, i guess some of y’all just don’t “get it”


ummm…..at least I’m not the only one who doesnt see any motion design here.

Justin Cone

Good lord, people, lighten up! That was pretty hilarious, if you’d only let it be.


Agreed. It is hilarious….no doubt there.
I think I just get tired sometimes of some of the reels out there filled with colorful insanity and no friggin design at all. Was expecting more that;s all…….
Again,….quite funny…no doubt.


He’s the Bruno of Motion Graphics, that’s all. Don’t get offended if someone takes the piss out of what you do, just have a laugh, it is fucking funny!


ah farts! i forgot to see Bruno


funny. some people I’ve worked with have junk demo reels like this but they’re not trying to be funny. i wouldn’t hire this guy if all he wanted to do was be funny. there’s enough ppl like that.


If high-fives were money, this guy could pay his rent.


Chaneleirs on Cadillacs!

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