Anthony F. Schepperd for Ape School – “Wail to God”

Anthony F. Schepperd’s “Wail To God” is a subversion of conventional animation. Suffused with an unorthodox style reminiscent of Bill Plympton, viewers are jolted by constant shifts in perspective, while the uncanny non-narrative plays out with a graceful continuity.

In “Wail To God,” there are none of the usual clichés. The darting changes in scale, color, and motion are freakishly cool, while the loose and frenetic line-work—moving with the ferocity of brush-fire—add another layer of unpolished appeal.

The style—or experimental risks—in “Wail To God” may not be for everybody, but in my opinion, they’re highly refreshing.




The movements and sense of paranoia are also reminiscent of Mike Stuart, Gerald Scarfe (and other’s) work on the animation sequences in Pink Floyd’s The Wall.


You beat me to it – was going to say the same thing about The Wall – very cool nonetheless, love the fluidity and pacing – cheers dudes!


wow! just wow. Nicely drawn. Good rythm and fluidity. Me like very much!


I would absolutely LOVE a mountain of tits like that.

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