Givin’ Up


Lifelong Friendship Society crafts an existential allegory of angst for One Eskimo in a new music video, Givin’ Up. With a finely tuned color-palette, minimal illustration style and expressive animation, they tell an emotionally charged story of an abstract character that journeys through puzzle-like scenes of conveyor belts, revolving doors, and an ever-changing landscape of new challenges. Is it a game? Is it work? Can he keep going? Will he just give up? The two-man team of Creative Director / Designer Travis Spangler and Animator Sid Seed made quite a strong short film for One Eskimo, responding to the emotion in the song and coming up with a cohesive vision that fits its mood of melancholy and frustration.

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cool song. too bad the animation and design looks like the work of a first year students.


Great! I thought it was very well done and told a great visual story while keeping a consistent style. As flat and mechanical as it was, (which was the intention) it definitely made me feel the message of the song.
Great job.

Simon Robson

absolutely beautiful, best thing i’ve seen here for ages. The shot of the mechanised world at the end is just stunning. To carry a wonderful narrative with such a stripped down, abstract and considered style is nothing short of brilliant. You have to ‘think’ to interpret the situations and characters in this work. If you do you get a lot more back. I’d appreciate it if ‘see more’ who commented above could refer me to the college where first year students create work such as this…I’m going to enroll tomorrow!

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Seriously. Sign me up, too.


I like it. Yes graphic is simple, but explain well the concept, and color palette gives the sense of sadness of a mechanical world..


I found it strangly relaxing. the composition,the graphics & the animation so sensitive.


I like the simplicity and the subdued palette. I could quibble about some of the editing choices, but overall very nicely done.

Scott Matz

This is a great piece. Coolest thing being that it’s true to who Lifelong is. It’s a prime example of a company being perfectly chosen for what they have to offer. Great work.


Wow, just wow! I don’t comment very often, but this one touches my heart. The color pallet, the music, the repetitive actions reinforcing the mood, the characters personality… all reductive, fine tuned and interesting. I have a soft spot for this type of animation. More please. :) Bravo LFS!

The only thing I didn’t like was the 3D layer for the revolving door. I don’t know why, but it didn’t really fit for me (something to do with the flatness of it), it could have been done with a little thickness in 3D… but that’s super minor considering the whole.

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