Challenge Your World : Video Challenge Winners


The Challenge Your World 2009 “Video Challenge” winners were announced during the Challenge Your World live event, “Rendez-Vous 09” in Montreal. “A Better Tomorrow” (directed by Nicholas Bentley) took the Jury’s Choice award, while Digital Kitchen Chicago’s Natural Re-sasters (helmed by Aaron Becker) won the People’s Choice vote.

In keeping with the overall goal of the Challenge Your World Video Challenge, both pieces tell an interesting tale about bettering our future though new and fun innovations.

Be on the look out for the next CWY contest, Idea Challenge.

High Res. QT of Natural Re-sasters

Natural Re-sasters :

Creative Director:
Aaron Becker

Art Director:
Jason Esser

Aaron Becker
Jason Esser

Colin Davis & Kent Smith

Original Music:
Mark Walk

Jeff Christian

Editing & Sound Design:
Andrew Maggio

Design & Animation:
Aaron Becker
Jason Esser
Ryan Sneddon
Mike Cone
Chris Green