Capacity: NBC Re-branding Montage


Capacity integrates a spectrum of color into their re-branding package for NBC.

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Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Wow, I’m not one to cry RIP, but Windowlicker much? Nice rebrand, though. Pretty gorgeous. I’d grab some more original music.


Yeah…over the line of ‘inspired.’ Shame.

The work is really lovely and it plays out really well on the boobtube though.


ha ha.!.. that track is comical it is so ‘inspired’ by Mr James… an homage perhaps.?

very nice work though.!


Yeah it’s a pity – such a nice network package and the WIndowlickerLight™ is getting most the attention so far. Looks like they did the music in-house just for the montage – maybe not the cleverest of moves,


Very simple and well done.
I like it. Capacity is doing a great job on network packages. The previous NBC campaign was very nice as well.
Good job!


What a lousy Windowlicker ripoff :( One thing is to make a ripoff, but twisting it like this, has only made it worse.
Besides this, it looks nice…


Wow, I saw this video out of context earlier and thought they just remixed Windowlicker for the presentation. “Custom track?!”

Even putting that aside, it still feels far too restrained when paired with the visuals — which are saturated, punchy, and really great.

Marc B.

It’s licking my windows.


Hey guys. Sorry if we offended some of you with the Windowlicker reference. It honestly was meant to be sort of an homage to Richard James, integrating in the NBC chimes and playing around with the structure, but I totally understand why you guys aren’t feeling it. We had one of our musicians try something and it didn’t work I guess, heheh. Beyond that, thanks for the positive feedback on the brand itself. If we have a chance in the near future maybe we’ll rethink the montage track. ; )


I think we’ve all just very very very many times been handed a motion reference or music reference by an unimaginative producer or client who just figured out who Chris Cunningham or whoever the hot style or director from 10 years ago was and told to copy it exactly to the brink of legality and/or frustration. (i.e. The number of times I have had that damn “Pulp Fiction” kinetic type video sent to me from an agency).

This is calling up those bad feelings.

But we’re also nitpicking what is just a backing track to your nice montage- awesome work. Really clean and refined.


so why not just use windowlicker, why did you try and fake it?


nevermind, just reread… so that you could incorporate the chimes. good work on the package, looks clean and fresh.


Just windowlicker? this also looks like USA network…lol


that is definitely a cover.


Boy these forums have a life of their own…. I really dig the design and the promos themselves, so edu-ma-cate me…what the hell is windowlicker? a plugin? an audio tool? Aphex Twin? wtf?


Oh, and how did Capacity fare in the Font-scandal with NBC and Font Bureau?

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