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What is an Executive Producer? This role may go unnoticed by many of us, but the success of a company is often defined by this individual. They shape the culture of the production company they lead. In addition to their sales and strategic roles, they must define and reinforce the creative ethos of the company. This begins with bringing in the right talent and nurturing them to their full potential.

The ways in which this takes place varies from EP to EP. What follows is how some of the good ones do it, including:

Read the round table discussion and get a glimpse into 2010 and beyond.


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Great post. Always good to read about this stuff…


I agree. Really interesting to here about the buisiness from a buisiness point of view.


You got to love capitalism. The ever lowering of fees/budgets to create even more competition in the marketplace, that as a side effect erodes the service industries while the corporations that are their masters turn out year after year record profits. Ever wonder why outsourcing to developing countries was created?

Marc B.

I like this article but the Rokkit guy seems like really happy about the lower budgets.

Not a good idea to give the clients that impression.

Matt Lambert

I interpret it as an optimism toward the situation we’re all stuck in while not letting this stifle continuing to make great work.


Creatives always want to do “good” work. They always have and will find ways to do it. The producers and ad executives know this quite well, they use it to their advantage, hence lowering the bar for fair compensation.

Nick Hussey

Hi Marc,
Yea I can see how it might seem like I’m really happy, but I have mixed feelings. As a whole, it has made the market far harder for everyone. It’s been a very long old year! But it has meant such a drop in revenues and possibilities for more traditional production companies that has actually created an opportunity for us.
I think it’s actually helped us gain a bigger market share in comparison to other years, because we can actually work in this market without suffocating, but we’ll still have a smaller year than before it all went tits up, because the whole ad market is far smaller.
I hope that’s a bit clearer?!

Simon Robson

interesting response from Nick, reminds me of the Chinese proverb, ‘In shallow waters, shrimps make fools of dragons.’

Nick Hussey

Oh, and TBH, I’d be bloody amazed if any clients are even aware Motionographer exists!! I doubt they can see past Campaign.

Matt Lambert

Pretty true. Agencies do, clients don’t.

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