Dan Gregoras

When it comes to individual talent in our community there are a few of us that enjoy receiving some attention for our work. We build websites, mingle at industry events and a few of us even take it upon ourselves to write for high profile blogs….This is why I believe that for every person who was once on our recently departed individual cream of the crop list there are at least ten other people in our industry whose work could easily be deemed worthy to be showcased there. In this regard, one of the leading benefits of contributing to this blog is the opportunity to “discover” some of these unsung talents.

So, with that in mind, allow me to introduce Dan Gregoras, a long time staff employee at 1st Ave Machine who recently cut loose to join the freelance market.

Gregoras has been working at 1st Ave Machine since its inception several years ago. While there he helped on everything from design to technical direction. Looking at his listing of roles for any of 1st Ave’s high profile projects is enough to gauge how talented he is. He has the rare combination of a personal artistic voice (check his drawings and paintings) and highly sophisticated technical skills. Dan was a very integral part of bringing 1st Ave Machine to the high level of esteem it currently has and is now getting the attention he deserves for his years of hard work “undercover” work there.