Bats by Mighty Nice and We Buy Your Kids

Nexus directors Mighty Nice recently collaborated with illustration duo We Buy Your Kids and animated a trippy music video for Paul Dempsey. The enigmatic tale of parallel universes is mysterious but seems familiar, like a dream remembered in pieces. We Buy Your Kids had previously worked on spots for SBS and ABC under the direction of Mighty Nice. When they were commissioned for the video, they turned around and returned the favor, stating:

“We started storyboarding it out as a journey through all of the art made for the releases – through our existing art and into more elaborate pieces made especially for the clip. That was the brief and we wanted to keep it to this simple idea so we avoided being too literal or establishing a strict storyline.

Mighty Nice brought so much to the table and their ideas and expertise really make the clip what it is. Especially with the slow dreamy pace of it all – all those effects and additions are pivotal. We’re also crazy particular about our images being changed or edited – but we were particularly thrilled with what they did with the texture animations in the figures, adding lighting etc and of course the character animation.”

Director: We Buy Your Kids
Production Company: Mighty Nice
Label: EMI
Artist: Paul Dempsey
3D: Stefan Wernik, Alison Bond, Alex McLeod
Compositors: Pete Nizic, Toby Pedersen and Olivia Watson
Producer: Clare Downie