Another Nightmarish Tale from Adam Berg

Coming off of an amazing 2009, with his Philip’s Carousel piece, Adam Berg continues to deliver aggressively cinematic narratives with Jordan Brand’s “Nightmare”. Similar to Carousel, this piece feels more like a dramatic climax ripped, straight from the edit of thriller feature, than a spot. Dwayne Wade plays the role of apocalyptic reaper as he pulls from an anthology of film vernacular to strike fear into his foes.

Hopefully Adam keeps on doing what he’s doing, and what the Swedes seem to do best, creating beautiful darkness.


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York
Client: Jordan Brand
Executive Creative Director: Todd Waterbury
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Proudfoot
Creative Director: Derek Barnes
Creative Director: Keith Cartwright
Copywriter: Derek Barnes
Art Director: Keith Cartwright
Agency Head of Content Productions: Gary Krieg
Broadcast Producer: Niki Polyocan
Broadcast Producer: Jamie Van Eyck
Senior Producer: Niki Polyocan
Production Assistant: Jamie Van Eyck
Strategic Planner: Neal Arthur
Media Planner: Troy Valls
Media Planner: Alissa Jenkins
Media Planner: Christina Verdeschi
Media Planner: Julie Iafolla
Project Manager: Bianca Jose

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Adam Berg
Executive Producer: Brian Carmody, Patrick Milling Smith, Fergus Brown
Line Produce r: Emma Wilcockson
Director of Photography: Joost Van Gelder
Production Designer: Robbie Freed

Editorial Company: Whitehouse
Executive Producer: Corina Dennison
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Assistant Editor: Johnny Luisi
Post Producer: Melanie Klein
Colorist: Mark Gethin

VFX Company: Moving Picture Company
Visual Effects Supervisor: Kim Stevenson
VFX Producer: Andrew Ball
VFX Artist: Kim Stevenson, Franck Lambertz
Post Company: Moving Picture Company
Online Artist: Kim Stevenson
Online Company: Moving Picture Company
Graphics Artist: Eric Adolfsen
Graphics Artist: Mario Stipinovich
Graphics Company: Brand New School

Music Company: Q Department
Sound Mixer: Phillip Loeb
Sound Designer: Brian Emrich

Sound Company: Sound Lounge
SFX Company: Trinitite Studios

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Nike has figured out for some time now that not a whole lot more can be said about footwear. It’s interesting that it is less and less of a presence in the storytelling. Here’s the web extension of the “nightmare”:


Very good commercial. Nice look. But, in the second 28-29, the player does not know how to wear the ball well? Too bad for the editor…
(sorry for my english)


NBA = Boring….. so, yeah…. nice work juicing it up! The sound FX are probably better than the visuals.


great stuff, I have to agree the Sound FX sells the product more!


those 4-5 frames of an 80’s MJ driving the lane as d.wade gets all ‘multiplicity’ is a nice touch.

get this guy another commercial or two and then lets get to his feature film debut already. come on – whats the hold up.

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