Stefan Nadelman: Ramona Falls “I Say Fever”

For Ramona Falls’ debut promo, “I Say Fever,” Stefan Nadelman directs a twisted Victorian tale of deadly poultry and mysterious exchanges in the night.

Like the characters themselves, the camera work shoots from the hip, jaunting from scene to scene with the logic of a fever dream. Nadelman knows how to milk 2.5D for everything it’s worth, dissolving its usual planar rigidity in pools of light and color.

Check out Stefan Nadelman’s personal site for more work.

Client: Barsuk Records / Souterrain Transmissions
Production Company: Tourist Pictures
Music: Ramona Falls
Director/Animator: Stefan Nadelman

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Wow, that was excellent!


nice one stefan!


Ramona Falls is one of the dudes from Menomena – an excellent band. This dude did a pretty sick video for their song “Evil Bee” which is on Stefan’s website.

This is a bitchin video though – what a concept.


Awesome video!

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