Yeasayer Has A Radical Friend

Radical Friend
brings us another cult sensible music video for Brooklyn based musicians Yeasayer.

Their last collaboration for the track Ambling Alp brought us to a Jodorowsky meets Zardoz world. This time around we travel to a mid-afternoon futuristic 90s rave, with a dash of Beyond Thunderdome.

The bands equipment has been replaced with space crystals, which is nothing short of what I expect from a group creating such interesting sounds.

We hope to see more videos from such an amazing combo of talent, having recently joined Paranoid in the US.

Director: Radical Friend
Producer: Josh Lind & Jett Steiger
DP: Kevin Phillips

Art Director: Peter Klein
Wardrobe: Diana Contreras & Mindy le Brock
Hair & Makeup: William Lemon III
Choreography: Nina McNeely

Editor: Justin Fong
Visual Effects: Andrew Cook
Sound Design: Michael Baird

Production Company: DandyDwarves & Paranoid US
Co-Producer: Spy films.
Postproduction: Paranoid US
UK Label: Mute Records
US Label: Secretly Canadian




Wonderful cinematography, nice integration and a great concept.
I may be a little bias ’cause I really dig this band, but I reckon that was just brilliant!!

Fabricio Lima

I am really sorry… but i really dont dig this? And I usually dont post any comments when they are going to be negative… but err….
I wish the music was at least cool :) Where is this band from?


Well there’s four minutes of my life I’ll never get back.


I really had a very good day… until I saw this!

Greg Herman

sick, loved it, fun concept and love the color.


My god, that picture is disturbing


Laughable. Awful.


I love all the hater comments… the video is fresh, unique, and a clear example of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. You should probably travel outside corporate homogenized america, and realize there are infinite possibilities in styles, languages, story telling, and music. Play it safe and you FAIL as a human.


Sorry, but I fail to see how this video pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in any category. Simply being Different is great, but does not, greatness make.


In-fucking-credible. This may be even better than the Ambling Alp video. Complete insanity. Love it.

Brian Walsh

The video was pretty cool/weird. I’m trying really hard to like Yeasayer’s new music, but that song just sounds like Culture Club.


The art direction also takes heavily from Liquid Sky, a new wave film from the early 1980s, which is a good thing.

Matt Lambert

Dig it! Keep your eyes on Radical Friend, they’ve got a bright 2010 ahead of them!

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