Megaforce for Kid Cudi: “Pursuit of Happiness”

This past week, a music video for Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” featuring MGMT and Ratatat, had a short lived fling with the Internet as a wave of censorship swept it out of sight. There were rumors Cudi didn’t approve of his performance, and an alternate video for the same track (see it here), was created.

Fortunately, fans fought for the video’s return, which gives us the pleasure of sharing “Pursuit of Happiness” by French collective Megaforce.

With their trademark surreal, zero gravity camera trickery, Megaforce choreographs a somber Cudi rising and falling through a living room dream-space as he ponders the pursuit of happiness. The image of him as a dreamer, matched by Megaforce’s style and profound talent, gives this musician more authenticity than all the hot ladies and posses he could purchase for a more mainstream video.

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Megaforce’s version is quite impressive, but, imho, it simply doesn’t work for such an unfit collab (it’s still not as lame like that awful DP+Kanye collaboration)


unfit collab? what doesn’t fit?
Like Lauren said, I agree that its atypical for a hip hop video, but that is what makes it so great.


The simple association between MGMT and Kid Cudi honestly makes me… well, feel very sick! But that doesn’t mean I don’t like and appreciate the video very much.

Mea culpa. I should have only commented about the video production itself ;) from now on, musically I’ll maintain the good old ‘de gustibus non est disputandum’ attitude. I apologize for my rude and subjective comment posted before.


Great transitions — it does have some small issues but i mean great work, i really enjoy the song and find the video as intriguing. 2 cents.

Simon Robson

Very great. Couldn’t take my eyes off it…


I’m with you Simon. This was quite hypnotic, loved it!! Great camera work and the transitions were very impressive.

Brian Gossett

Pretty amazing stuff.


It’s like all first video was for all his hip-hop fans, and the second is for all his hipster fans. It sort of falls off at the end, but all around it’s a HUGE improvement from the first video, and is super fun.


Great camera work!

Looks almost as good as the alternate slo mo verison.


reminds me of this Michel Gondry classic


Precisely what I thought. Great video!


Looking at the two versions i think Megaforces’ version looks better I think the second version goes better with the song. Megaforces’ version look a bit depressing as Kid is talking of happiness, just does fit the music but good job anyways.

Thiago Maia

I think looks beautiful. Love the transitions, it was really well done and planed.
I am glad this version came back, it is much better than the second one.


great video to a great song. the visual really suits the mood of the music

stop hatin’


its cudi with a c not k

Lauren Indovina

Ha, awesome… Thanks for the catch, man!


Very nice! I kept waiting to see the next transition.


Extremely creative idea! Fantastic!




Very captivating video, i submersed myself on it so much i felt I was part of it, like i got lost on it subconsciously.
Beautiful work, very creative and different, yah it has an air of inspiration from Gondry and Jonze but it has its own voice, it doesn’t feel like a ripoff at all, more like they pay respect to the greatest, by being inspired to their great work, but had the courage to push it and make it their own. Awesome work Megaforce congratulations!


It really feels as though CG/mograph camerawork is now inspiring directors and DP’s.

Also: I can’t stop watching this. It’s really good.


For me it’s one of those videos when you can accept all the imperfections and all similarities with other ones and enjoy it 100%. I think it could became classic if promoted properly. It’s reall shame that cudi don’t liked it and created another one…


Sick. Kid Cudi is the shit.


Megaforce’s version is definitely more interesting on a conceptual level, but this seems to be a case of when directors are more concerned about their clever concept and fancy visual effects than actually making the performer look good. I agree with Kid Cudi…his performance and everyone else’s are awful in the Megaforce version. I don’t know what you would call the expression on his face. Dazed? Confused? Stoned? Neither??

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