Freelancers Union’s Get Paid, Not Played Campaign

Freelancers Union’s Get Paid, Not Played Campaign
: Tell them which companies skipped out on your bill.




great to see someone finally got around to this, not as great to see some of the names on there.


I truly believe Motionographer should have a section about companies that screw with freelancers and employees. So that will be solely based on our industry and because here is such a place so many people refer to, it will scare the hell of companies and people who are dishonest out there making them lose the chance to get talent.

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

We do think about this all the time, Gugy. But we’re not sure how to implement or maintain something like that. It seems like anyone with a grudge against a company or individual could make claims that we at Motionographer are not really qualified to vet or police. Freelancers Union is promising to investigate companies who are repeated offenders. They also may have the political clout to eventually make a difference.

We’ll definitely keep it in mind, but it’s probably not something we can just start doing.


I understand is though to implement such a thing.
Unfortunately is hard to find out who is honest and dishonest out there. I worked for several companies and individuals that I thought were honest and eventually got burned out. Once I decide to investigate and calling other designers and animators I found out the truth. It’s difficult, sometimes the people you might trust the most are the ones who will screw you.
Anyway, thanks for considering it.


omg, so many people dont get payed =/

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