Jonny Kofoed Goes Freelance

After leading the Motion Design department at Oktobor for 11 years, Mograph legend Jonny Kofoed goes freelance with a brand new site and awesome reel!



Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Really impressed with everything on here. Great work!


Oh my gawd. Super impressive.


Niiiiiiiiiiiice Jonny, i like.


Impressive work, and I consider it even more so when you remember that this guy is the head of the dept, getting involved on the tools himself – and not just one tool, but 3DSMax, Flame, AE, Photoshop, Illustrator… It’s not too often these days that someone can function both as a H.O.D. AND a designer that pitches AND a director AND as a skilled creative on the software.
Personally I use Flame, AE, Nuke, and the other Adobe apps, but once you start throwing 3D knowledge into the mix as well, that’s a lot to keep track of inside one brain (and a lot of conflicting shortcuts!). I’ve been meaning to get into C4D, and seeing what Johnny can do with his combined software knowledge really drives home the importance of this for me in order to be able to extend my design and motion capabilities. A lot of designers function as jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none, but Johnny has broken out of this stereotype to excel in a lot of areas.


all well executed but jeez is everything this guy does a rip off?

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