Ask Between the Keyframes IV

Ask Between the Keyframes answers your most troubling Motion Design questions. Our question this week is what would you suggest are 3 key points to… Read more

The 12 Principles of Freelance

Steven Savalle uses an industry blueprint to help freelancers thrive at work and become the best version of themselves.

Between the Keyframes

We sit down with Erin Sarofsky and Austin Shaw to chat about the motivations behind their new show and give our readers a taste of… Read more

Conrad Ostwald Reel 2014

Now freelance and Berlin-based, Conrad Ostwald launches a new kick-ass reel!

The Art of James Price

Ex Transistor Studios CD James Price launches his personal website chock full of goodness.

Freddy Arenas New Site

NY based freelancer Freddy Arenas’ new portfolio site – now you know! Relaunch

  NYC heavy-hitter Christopher Palazzo is back on the scene with a new site and grip of top notch projects.

Ryan Rothermel Updates

Ryan Rothermel, aka Decoy, updates his site with some awesome new work.

Justin “Juice” Harder

The Juice is loose. Motion graphic’s OTHER Justin Harder has recently gone freelance after spending years at Radium.

Justin Blyth Updates

Justin Blyth updates with a wide variety of work ranging from boards, animation, illustration, art, and photography.