PepperMellon for The Guardian and The Observer “World Cup”

As an appetizer to the hotly anticipated World Cup, Argentinean studio, PepperMellon, has jockeyed their way to front-lines and served up a playful treat to whet the appetites of commercial-goers and sport fans alike. With help from Wieden + Kennedy (London) and Stink, the studio has looked to character based animation in a cheerful and carefree advert made to raise awareness for The Guardian and Observer’s involvement in the upcoming sporting event.

Through a kaleidoscope of shots, the spot shows how —no matter where you are— the world can freely enjoy the footballing action of the event. With every changing scene, characters are depicted to be gleefully reacting to a World Cup moment that ripples across all cross-media platforms. The spot has a cute look. Like so many of the PepperMellon’s work, it finds a color palette that’s bright and welcoming, but not too pushy. In testimony to the music, the distinctively British tune is a perky, footballing hym that sings the praises of the event and mirrors the fun-for-sun’s-sake mood of the piece, which will leave you humming the foot-tapping ditty non-stop.

For a behind-the-curtain look at how the spot came together, see here.




Good job, Peppermelons!


Brilliant stuff by PepperMellon as usual.

Is it just me or is there just a slight resemblance to this song by Adam and Joe

Those pesky Ad Execs!


(Edit) skip above video to 45 seconds.

Thiago Maia

Lovely stuff guys and I need to say, I wouldn’t expect to see a nice pice like that from the Guardian. I am glad to see clients opening they mind to nice stuff.


Wow, that just blew my mind. Definitely one of the most memorable commercials I’ve seen, without relying on some sort of controversy or stunt. I can’t believe they managed to produce it in just 1 month.

Did anyone else notice the really bad masking/anti-aliasing problems in some of the shots though? (namely on the back of the computer monitor when the guy picks it up to kiss it, and around his nose etc.)
I guess that a result of pulling off such an en epic project in such intense deadlines.


Lovely piece. Makes me feel like reading the guardian. Weird feeling. But lovely piece indeed.


Its adorable. I like that they intentionally mention Cote d’ivoire (Ivory Coast) but leave the Brazilian Flag in there. And nice to sprinkling in some Arsenal in the kids room. Nice!


Fan Freaking Tastic! :)

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