Prologue: ESPN World Cup 2010

Prologue gets in on the action with this pulsing graphics package for the World Cup 2010 on ESPN.

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Franco Barroeta

In my humble opinion, the first part is very typical ESPN, fabrics flying look. The second part with the flags and textures painted on walls works great and really gives a true feeling of the game.


This piece is beautiful ! We love the beat, the music and the concept ! It has a lot of energy. Conceptually nothing in that sports package reminds us of Africa or is genuinely African. Its cloth and used wood.

Prologue manages to create some amazing pieces time and again. However, Its a real shame, that no one ever really questions what the cost of the work is.

Prologue does not pay over time, they violate a number of California labor laws, and they employ international workers with measly salaries, just to name a few shady business practices. Is this relevant? yes ! because by posting the work on web outlets it encourages this type of behavior. People dont really know what goes into this work.

The California Labor Dept. Will be conducting an investigation. If you suspect you are being abused and your rights as a worker are being violated please report it to the California Labor dept:

Los Angeles
320 W. Fourth Street, Suite 450
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 620-6330
(213) 576-6227


Sounds like sour grapes to me? I’ve worked with Prologue and found them to be more than fair. The people their are top notch and continue to produce the best of the best. Love their work! As far as a story and theme for this project, totally there. Open your eyes! Once again great job Prologue!


Brilliant and beautiful as always. You don’t get it man. True, Prologue may pay people less than most places, but nobody is being held against their will. Everyone is there because they care more about making beautiful work then making lots of money. I worked there for over two years, eventually the work load was getting to me so I left. It was probably the best experience of my career so far though.


I worked on this project and was not treated unfairly at all. I also believe my coworkers would say the same. The project was rewarding in many ways, and yes, sometimes it takes more than an 8 hour day and more than 60% effort to make something great. Sometimes not, but at a place with Prologue’s caliber of work, you can’t help but get inspired by the epic talent of its crew and fall in line to create and inspire as well. CALABORDEPT, before you spout ignorant accusations, why don’t you conduct an accurate appraisal based on fact, and also, stop hiding behind a threat and a phantom name.


Jeez. People need to stop hating on Prologue already. Getting tired of it, and it detracts from the great work consistently put out by the company.

For the record, I was one of the people who worked on this job, and I have worked on and off for Prologue for the last two years. I have never felt abused or taken advantage of.

So, let’s knock off the stone throwing and just let the work speak for itself.

Adam Swaab


It plays more like a show reel than a spot. It’s really great design/animation/post/renders though. I would have liked to have seen more of a story.


This is a montage. There were tons of things done for the World Cup. Check Prologue’s site for more.


Wondering if the people commenting here are artists or management. It seems strange that an artist would defend a company with such zeal.

We area a group of artists that worked at said place several times in different projects, and each time there was an issue. Whether it was time cards or getting recorded while we worked, it seemed like it was common practice to pressure people to stay and generate an environment of free work .

Our colleagues were BRILLIANT. But the work is produced under deplorable work conditions.

Does It seem questionable that Motiongrapher has such a “cozy” relationship with Prologue. Does anybody find it strange that out of the entire world of motion graphics the last 10 major interviews have been focused on prologue ? something is fishy…

Adam Swaab your work is beautiful.

Los Angeles
320 W. Fourth Street, Suite 450
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 620-6330
(213) 576-6227


Please halt the conspiracy theories on this site. Focus on the craft, per Swaab’s and many others’ postings from today and earlier. There is inspiration all over this site. Go make or, or something. Additionally, I would reckon most postings are by artists as well, not management. I’d wager that, actually.

Take care.

Jesse J. Jones


HAhahahaha zzyzxerxes !!

I actually wanted to click on ahahhaha,
I am with you, I get super inspired by amazing work and super talented people. I am lucky that some of those super talented artists are my friends!


P.s I already registered


and meowlau has the, the freak….

straight cash homey

i just created an account to comment on this,

it’s a damn shame ESPN rarely uses those deconstructed flag transitions.
those things are immaculate. especially the Dutch Flag.

stop hatin’. no one is forcing you go back and work there SEVERAL TIMES on different projects. perhaps your hiding behind the anonymous name because u’re hoping to the log will have you back to work on another project.
stop burning bridges.. lumber prices are already taking enough of a hit lately.

and stop parking on victoria!



N.T. … as in Carrie Underwood Fan?

straight cash homey

yep. that’s me. unfortunately she’s married now, and unfortunately he’s a rather large hockey player, so i don’t think i can take him.

Brian Gossett

Bottom line is this. You have a choice to work with them or not. Even if these rumors are true you may have some sense of what you are signing up for. I think there are plenty of shops that pour in the hours because they want to or have to and it makes them happy or miserable and that is just how it is. If you worked at a place and didn’t love it then simply don’t go back and carry on as you were. Bad mouthing studios here on motionographer is not a wise way to go about carrying on your business. Bridges are built and burnt every day in our business. If I were you I’d worry about building and less about burning.


Too sad to hear that kind of philosophy. Will you suggest to an abused child to just “carry on” with his life and move to a different school? I’m sure that as a US Citizen you have the law on your side, but what about foreigners that move to work there?

Being motionographer such a popular site is obvious people will try to ventilate this kind of behavior on the site. Just because it didn’t happen to you or you were not affected in any way it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The right to express your opinion is equally as fair as others people right to express their opinion or bad experiences with studios. More tolerance and empathy would be nice don’t you think?

Prologue’s work is wonderful and inspiring, but that doesn’t excuse them of their unfair business practices.


Its gratuitous but i’m gonna write this:
F*** great!


I just wanna know where’s the north korea’s flag, ow, I forgot you guys don’t have free press too.


I am not really sure what you mean by this, but I assure you that a North Korean flag was built, animated and shipped to ESPN. Flags and graphic elements were made for all 32 teams in the cup.

– Andrew Parris


well, it’s not on this quicktime at least.


Thats because it is a montage.

There were hundreds and hundreds of animations created – not all of them are in this edit. I’m not exaggerating, its maybe 500+ deliverables. Many teams are not represented. It is meant to show an overview of the work created for this project, and not literally every piece of animation.


Wrong, expected more from a company with sufficient resources, the music is part of the soundtrack of Cirque du Soleil, one would expect a greater effort.
Visually I have no complaint, but must remember that there must be an integration between video and audio. The use of foreign music, generates a distracting, because you expect something unique, innovative.
I am surprised that having the resources to make these precise and beautiful shots, that lend themselves to an issue so nice in the visual, they do not look for something original about audio.
For me, this is not complete.

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