Psyop: “Whole New World”

In Whole New World, Psyop takes a deep sea plunge into a water world full of unusual and exotic inhabitants for AT&T’s “Rethink Possible” campaign. In many ways, the piece is less stylized and more cinematic, in terms of narrative and musical score, but from a visual standpoint, exhibits many of the CG hallmarks that stay true to the Psyop playbook. While the piece begins on a dark and moody note, the visuals evolve into something more beautiful: a vista of tropical inspired colors that glow like the fluorescence of coral reefs.

As a footnote, this spot, unlike many that the studio has created, is not only for commercial output, but instead, will have a cinematic release at select, stereoscopic movie screens next week and shown before The Last Airbender and Despicable Me. It will also air on ESPN 3d.

Psyop: “Whole New World”

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AT&T – “Whole New World”

Agency: BBDO New York
Chairman, Chief Creative Officer, North America: David Lubars
Copywriter, Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Ralph Watson
Copywriter, Art Director: Matt Vescovo
Executive Producer: Elise Greiche-Pavone
Assistant Producer: Jennifer Cyrier
Executive Music Producer: Melissa Chester

Director: Psyop
Production Company: Psyop/Smuggler
Psyop Creative Director: Eben Mears
Psyop Creative Director: Jon Saunders
Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Producer: Nancy Nina Hwang
Associate Producer: Sean Sullivan

Pakorn Bupphavesa
Dave Barrosin
Todd Akita
Damon Ciarelli
Alvin Bae
Andy Jones
Ciaran Moloney
Miguel Salek
Ed Manning
Jimmy Gass
Lee Wolland
Rie Ito
Tom Cushwa
Dan Fine
Jae Ham
Michael Shin
Larry Ruppel
Anderson Ko
Jason Goodman
Xuan Siefert
Keith Kim

Jason Conradt
Borja Pena
Nick Tanner
Gabriel Regentin
Julian Ford
Jeen Lee
Fred Kim

Jon Saunders
Ben Chan
Daphne Yap
Gordon Waltho
Lutz Vogel
Scott Brisbane

Music Company: Emoto, Los Angeles
Music composer: John Adair