Motion 2010

Motion 2010 on October 16-18 in Albuquerque and Santa Fe

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



This was terrible last year. Buyer beware.



This is elaine from motion. I’m really surprised by your comment ;) We received great feedback last year – check out some of the reviews:

Mark Spencer on ProVideo Coalition

Chris & Trish Meyer

Not to mention the surveys responses from each of the attendees. In fact – I believe we only received one ‘less-than’stellar’ survey that didn’t say they thoroughly enjoyed the event – it was from a student at Ex’Pression.

We value the feedback we receive – and each year work harder to make motion the best possible show for the motion graphics, animation, and vfx community. So if you were disappointed in the event, I hope you shared this in your survey response. We always ask for constructive criticism – in fact – we gave away an iPod for the person providing the most feedback ;)

We don’t have a big company backing us – motion is a ‘home-grown’ event. With just two people producing the entire show (from planning, to print, to motion graphics to web… and everything in between) and minimal financial backing, I admit – there are bound to be some technical glitches. But the content … it’s none other than amazing.

We pride ourselves in inviting top talent in the industry to speak at our events. This year PSYOP, nailgun*, Picture Mill, Zoic Studios, Animal Logic and Imaginary Forces (to name a few) will be there.

We make sure we address industry issues. Some of the topics this year will address:
– What does the future of the motion graphics, animation and vfx industry look like?
– Budgets are tight – how can I do more for less?
– How do you get from point A to point B in the pitch process?
– The VFX industry is undergoing it’s biggest transformation since it’s birth – what do I need to be aware of?
– What’s the secret to doing a creative job without going nuts?

I’d be happy to comp you a free ticket to attend this year – we want to make sure we serve the motion community by providing a quality event. Feel free to email me directly. contact at motion dot tv.

I hope to see you at motion!

motion founder

Lydia Baillergeau

Thank you so much for you very positive post! I am a student and will be attending Motion for the first time this year. I am SO looking forward to it and appreciate hearing more about it on Motionographer.


I was looking to attend this year on my employer’s buck…flying out from east coast, anyone else have any feedback on the event? read positive feedback so far!

if anyone has any honest negative feedback, feel free to email me privately!


Same here richarscott. Curious about the event. Trying to get my employer to sign off. Californiasoul, can you tell us why you didn’t like it? Any one else been? Going? Can email me @


The links I added to the reviews from Chris & Trish Meyer and Mark Spencer – didn’t display. Both reviews were on ProVideo Coalition. You can search their site – or feel free to send me an email for more information



Wow, I didn’t get the negative post at all – not sure where that’s coming from. I went last year for the first time, and it was really one of the better conferences I’ve ever been to (I’ve attended BDA/Promax a number of times…plus, to attend those, costs about 3 times as much – and my experience was that it got vary narrow if you didn’t work for a network -). The presenters at motion09 were top notch, and the access to folks from Imaginary Forces, nailgun, Picture Mill, Jamie Calari just to name a few was unprecedented in anything I had gone to before. Great bang for the buck – registration was cheap, hotel was reasonable (and nice), sessions from morning to night. The ability to actually talk to, have a beverage or lunch with the presenters – I would have to say the things you learn offline are addded value to what I learned in the sessions I took in. Absolutely worth every dime.


Just wanted to follow-up:

I haven’t read any negative feedback on this conference anywhere else, and I hope the first comment on this thread won’t detract anyone from going to the conference. It looks very well-organized, intimate, and the organizers are extremely responsive to participant comments and concerns.

Hope to meet some of you in New Mexico!


As being one of the speakers of last year’s and this year’s conference I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Motion. I had a great time hanging out with the other speakers (some whom i never had met before) as one as well as hanging with students and attendees.

Elaine and her group put a lot of hard work into the conference and it shows from how organized they are, to the quality of the sessions and speakers.

If you you want to learn something new while having a great time then hit up Motion in October.


@nailgun: I only wish I had a digital recorder in my head last year. Your presentation on brand identity was fantastic.

Daniel Coutinho

‘motion09’ was a great experience for me. Aside from the great presentations and workshops, of course, I had the chance to meet the organizers and hang out w/ some of the speakers. Cool people, top professionals who love what they do and are open to talk about their work.


As @nailgun did, I too spoke at the motion conference last year, representing picture mill. I had a great time and I even learned some new stuff and considering I have been doing this for 14 years I figure if I walked away with new knowledge so will other people.

There werent too many things to complain about but there were to many classes going on simultaneously which made picking which one to go to hard.

I even recruited 2 students to work at picture mill from that event of whom were participants in the motion 09 student competition.

Navarro Parker

2010 will be my third Motion conference and I highly recommend it. It’s a great venue to see amazing work, learn some new insights, and exchange war stories with industry vets. If you work in (or are interested in) VFX or motion graphics, you will have a terrific experience.


I attended the first year the event was held in 2007 and very much enjoyed the experience. Sessions with relevance and depth and the ability to have conversations over breakfast/lunch/drinks with some industry giants made this a useful and impactful event early in my career.

I’ve heard from those that have attended the event since then that it has only gotten better.

Matt Hopkins


I’ve gone to many conferences and taught at many – Motion is one that stands out and above the rest because it’s not software driven – it’s artist driven. I’ve gone twice and it’s always filled me with inspiration and techniques that simply can’t be found in books or online training. Not to mention the intimate atmosphere is one that encourages you to interact with the people giving the presentation – who are all great and all very giving and generous and friendly. Anyone considering this event – I have no hesitation telling you it really is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your career.

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