Cut&Paste 2010: New York

Cut&Paste 2010 launches in NYC on Sat Oct. 2nd at Webster Hall




I wish ’em the best of luck. They put a ton of work into the production and it can be fun, but last year was a pretty turbulent experience for some of the competitors (including myself). If you jump in and compete just stay flexible and expect the unexpected.


It was a good experience, in the end, but we didn’t even have software installed or machines powered up until 2-3hrs after we arrived. Was also wedged between two other people- bumping mice and elbows. A majority of the afternoon was also spent testing the PA system and installing parts of the set around us…


Hey Stephen (monovich),

You speak truth man. As the producer of Cut&Paste, last year was an unexpectedly tough year to commit to that much growth and we had to work overtime. A few improvements we made this year:
– We own our machines and don’t source them locally anymore (software’s installed and configured as we speak)
– Deeper knowledge of tools and process for 3D and Motion – last year was our first year in these areas. What a learning experience and you were a part in helping us learn. Take 2!
– Franchising – we’ve always worked with terrific local teams, but this year they own more responsibility and the opportunity. It’s helped us at Global HQ immensely!

There’s more we can do to improve (we’re the first at doing this type of project, so there’s always new ground to break). This is great feedback and please keep it coming. We need your help to keep improving.

Founder, Cut&Paste


WEPA! I love how your fist is the official Cut and Paste picture now. Represent. Yea Cut and Paste is a dope experience overall, but it has some room for improvement for sure.

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