LAIKA/house for Planters

LAIKA/house animation director, Mark Gustafson (fresh off his work as animation director for Fantastic Mr. Fox), teams up with Ringan Ledwidge to create a great stop motion spot for Planters. A nice departure from the old look for Planters, this spot evolves the brand into a more quaint and charming style. There is also a making-of video which includes both a real making of and an additional mock making of brought to you by Mr. Peanut, whose voice was brought to life for the very first time in the brands history by Mr Robert Downey Jr.


Making of…

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Nathan Love

What a brilliant concept with an amazing, flawless execution!

Smart, funny, rich in detail and full of personality, this is by far my favorite campaign of the year. It simultaneously reinvigorates an american icon and entertains the audience in a way that transcends its commercial format. Hats off to the entire team that brought it to life. I hope to be seeing this series run for years to come!


Simply awesome. Laika continues to raise the bar for stop motion animation.

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