Kim Dulaney

Kim Dulaney is back with her first update in over three years, and it is quite a massive update at that, with almost 50 new projects on display. She is one of the most talented artists in our industry and her work has only grown more sophisticated over the years.

Much of the work shown was completed during her stay at Psyop, where she was a fulltime designer. Kim is currently lending her talents to all who need it as a freelancer working out of New York.

Also, as if her design work wasn’t daunting enough, Kim has also begun her own line of beautiful jewelery and fashion wear under the name Fortune, which she currently sells on Etsy.


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Jon Saunders

internet surfer/designer extraordinaire


Brandon Lori

Words cannot describe how great this artists work is! Sometimes you look at boards and you think, “Ok, that’s a board.” You look at Kims work and say, “Wow, this is art!” Amazing!


wow. i have a love / hate relationship w/ people this talented. you love ’em because they’re sooooo inspiring. hate ’em because it reminds you of how far behind you are. keep up the great work kim!!

Ayhan Cebe

truly inspiring work!..

Justin Cone

Kim’s work has been a constant source of inspiration to me for years. More than anyone I know, she blurs the line between artist and designer. Truly awesome stuff.


Thanks for the post and thanks for the update!
She is such an inspiration. Incredibly beautiful work.


Bravo. Stunning.

Lilian Darmono

Amazing work, Miss Dulaney. I agree with Justin, this is one of the most inspiring artists of OUR time.

Igor Sordokhonov

Second to none.

Lauren Indovina

Kim’s work speaks for itself- prolific. Her meticulous attention to craft surpasses expectations.

More than this, when you know Kim, you also know that she’s incredibly humble and kind, supportive of her friends and colleagues, passionate, hard working, and fearlessly following her vision with true integrity.

Woman, Amazing update.


Really inspiring work! Amazing vision, I would know how this lady creates this incredible boards!


oh cmon its not THAT great!. Shes ok, plus it’s not our industry since she doesn’t animate it…anyone can create an awesome heavy interlaced picture, but to make it move, well thats the problem now…

Jon Saunders

excuse me, i think i speak for all designers when i say that you dont need to animate to be considered part of this industry. that’s just ridiculous, respect your peers Peter Donda.


jon, that was a cheap and childish response. talk about sinking to their level… have some ethics.


lol no offense and all just was being critical, thats all.. no need to be offended dude, cheer up;)


i think its ok to have an opinion now.. obviosuly no one likes to be critiqued in the art world but just wondering what you all though about it and then jon gets defensive like a little b lol

Michelle Higa

as someone who has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with kim, i can say she is a sick cel animator in addition to being a great designer. and that same level of detail is in the frame animation.


Wow, what a ridiculous thing to say that designers don’t belong in the motion industry! Blows my mind how idiotic anyone can be.

Just checked out boatfisher’s website. Entire website filled with flashy, trend-following commercial design work. No wonder the guy is jealous of Kim.

mark kim

inspiring & beautiful!


Wow you people are using some big words here. “this is one of the most inspiring artists of OUR time.”


If you wanna see art go to art galleries more often to see REAL ART, not some graphic designers stills for commercial pitches.

I guess you people have lost your mind in Photoshop.

She definitely is a talented commercial graphic designer, but calling it “art” or “this is one of the most inspiring artists of OUR time” is a joke.

That said i appreciate it for what it is and the industry Motionographer is aimed at.

So congrats Kim!


I’m at a bit of a conundrum now on what to reply on this post. Well I definitely feel that Kim is a very talented designer and truly deserves all the success that has come to her I also agree to some extent to what col said.

There are definitely artist outside of the Motion Graphics spectrum that are making strides that are totally unthinkable to the common person. To say these works are a definition of our time is quite the bold statement.

Also I do think what boatfisher stated is very narrow-minded to what motion graphics comes from. All great pieces start with one solid style frame.


If you think the ‘REAL ART’ in galleries isn’t commercial then you aren’t looking hard enough.


Commercialized or not, that is not what Art is about. Its about projecting your emotion through your work. This outweighs commercial. Kim’s ART is her emotional projection whether or not its housed by a brand.

Congrats Kim.


The bread: Awesome work Kim! I really enjoy that a lot of your boards are done with a pencil and some paint. Make it look great and figure out how to execute later. That is how boards should be done.

Here comes the meat. It doesn’t work in Opera either.

And the bread. In Firefox it is amazing!


Bottom line is this…in a world full of talented designers, so few actually own such a unique style. Kim is one of the few designers out there that possesses the skill, patience and desire to create things that, IMHO, no one else does. So often designers just regurgitate trends, while she consistently OWNS her style, which continues to evolve, how many other designers can reallllly say that.

Her distinctiveness is only surpassed by her kindness, and she doesn’t deserve to have a post crediting her body of work turn into a debate on what is and is not art.

Stay classy trolls.


great storytelling & filmmaking, or beautfiul art/illustration? it seems these arguments lack focus.

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