Psyop drops an instant classic for LG

Psyop’s latest for LG brings a living room to life with a whimsy few others can rival.

It has become too easy to blindly praise the powerhouse that is Psyop. Their talent and resources consistently put them out in front of the competition and they have continued to set the bar for the better part of five years.

Let’s stop for a moment and dissect what it is that really makes them great. For me, it’s that extra percent from concept to delivery. It’s that hyper-attention to movement and timing, details in design and an overall way of noticing moments of beauty in the mundane that push this spot – like many others – into the realm of greatness. Immerse and enjoy.

Agency: Young & Rubicam NY
Executive Creative Director: Scott Vitrone
Executive Creative Director: Ian Reichenthal
Global Creative Director: Stuart Harricks
Global Creative Director: Andrew McKechnie
VP, Creative Director / Art Director: Gabriel Hoskins
Creative Director / Writer: Cheryl Chapman
Executive Director of Content Production: Lora Schulson
Executive Director of Content Production: Nathy Aviram
Senior Content Producer: Tennille Teague
Executive Music Producer: Eric David Johnson
Assistant Content Producer: Luiza Naritomi

Production Company: Psyop / Smuggler
Director: Psyop
Psyop Creative Directors: Marie Hyon, Marco Spier
Executive Producers (Psyop): Lucia Grillo, Justin Booth-Clibborn, Lydia Holness
Producers (Psyop): Michael Neithardt, Sean Sullivan
Executive Producer/Partner (Smuggler): Patrick Milling Smith
Executive Producer/Partner (Smuggler): Brian Carmody
Executive Producer/COO (Smuggler): Lisa Rich
Executive Producer (Smuggler): Allison Kunzman
Head of Production (Smuggler): Laura Thoel
Live Action Producer (Smuggler): Erin Wile
Director of Photography: Fred Elmes
Animation: Psyop
Lead 3D Artist: Christian Bach
3D Artists: Todd Akita , Alvin Bae, Jonah Friedman, David Barosin, Miguel Salek, Xuan Siefert, Jimmy Gass, Pat Porter, Kitty Lin, Keith Kim
3D Animator: Jae Ham
Lead 2D Artist: Nick Tanner
2D Artists: Adam Flynn, Dan Short
Designers: Anh Vu, Jonathan Saunders
Editor: Cass Vanini
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Tracking: Joerg Liebold
Design Interns: Sam Ballardini, Hung Liao

Music and Sound Design: Q Department

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Matt Lambert

NYC / London


Nick Forshee

PSYOP, the Titan of Terror, the Sultan of Swat, the Colossus of Clout!
The King of Crash, the GREAT BAMBINOO!!!!!!

Carlos Gálvez

Simply a Masterpiece


Nobody is going to argue with how amazing the craftsmanship here is. its mind boggling to watch.

But the general narrative had me a little lost. Is the enemy dust? How will the Kompressor save us? Is the Kompressor some sort of central air system with great filters? Or is it a vaccum?
The first time I watched it I spent most of the time trying to figure out what the sharks were actually made of. Was one wood and the rest dust?
The second time I watched it I didn’t really care anymore, I just enjoyed the overall beauty of the project.


Pretty much what I was thinking. Clearly awesome visuals but a sloppy narrative.


That was so sweet. I disagree with Matt though, while the details are superior, I see fine technical execution all the time that doesn’t engender a 1/10 of the pleasure of this. Being able to create a life and death tableau out of toys for a vacuum cleaner ad takes amazing vision on the macro level first and foremost.


Can’t argue with the quality of the piece.. But I can’t get Toy Story(s) out of my mind when watching it. Awesome work though!

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