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Brooklyn based studio, Transistor, just busted out this wet and wild spot for Kraken Rum, The Kraken: The Bottle, The Legend.



This is pretty awful animation. I don’t know how it got on motionographer, or how it got approved by the art director or the client. I’m barely versed in Maya, and I could have done a better job animating that octopus (or whatever it was). It’s like the whole studio was out to lunch and the intern did this in his free time.


” I’m barely versed in Maya, and I could have done a better job animating that octopus ”

MAYA ! ……..AWESOME!!!.you have a big advantage then, i believe this was all done with paintbox pro a comodore 64.


***and a commodore 64


People, Please don’t feed the trolls


Whats up Peanutbutter!

Sorry dude, but I can’t stand by and let you diss the great work done by Scott, Eddie and James O on this spot. As the Creative Director of Transistor I watched those guys work really hard to make this spot great. I think the animation is really well executed, as it’s exactly what the client was looking for, and they were so happy with it they sent us boxes of Rum!

We are, however, always looking for great animators, so feel free to send me your reel. I’d love to see it.

Peace, and many thanks to all the guys that worked on this. :)

James Price
Creative Director


I think it’s pretty lame that Transistor’s creative director felt the work needed to be defended… If the work was good, he wouldn’t have to, and it would have stood on it’s own.

I’ve seen work from Dead As We Know It in the past, and their content and ideas are usually really fleshed out and unique… The execution on this is pretty terrible, so it seems to me that Transistor dropped the ball with execution, because it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s lacking on content…

But feel free to tell me I’m wrong, James.


I just don’t understand how this guy can call this bad animation?

I honestly don’t think you understand what the medium is. I’m sorry but you’re very wrong dude. This is a solid piece and definitely deems worthy of this website.

Great work Transistor!


I believe this animation executed based on the concept. Good animation not always to be smooth, realistic or done by one particular software. So good job guys, I like the old style animation – it works for the “RUM” itself.


I gave it 4 stars, the look is great and got something pretty unique. But I also think that the animation and the compositing/finishing could be improved in places.


I´m sorry, but the animation is dilettantish.
the direction is lame and
someone tried hard, but it just didn´t work out – a lot of money wasted.


Dang, sure are alot of HATERS…. I freaking enjoyed it, good work!

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Transistor for Kraken Rum


[qt: 640 480]

Project Title: “The Kraken: The Bottle, The Legend”
Date Live: 03/14/11
Client: Proximo Spirits
Agency: Dead As We Know It, New York
Creative Director: Mikal Reich
Art Director: Charmaine Choi
Copywriter: Jesse Adelman
Production Company: Transistor Studios
Executive Creative Director: James Price
Executive Producer: Damon Meena
Senior Producer: Jesse Kurnit
Senior Art Director: Jamie Rockaway
Editor: Brendan Kahn
3d Artist: James Isaaks
3d Artist: Eddie Watkinson
3d Artist: Scott Douglas
3d Artist: Bobo Do
3d Artist: Kyle Anderson
3d Artist: Andy Ortiz
Designer: Shih-Heng Huang
Designer: Dave Cook
Designer/Animator: Patrick Kim
Modeler: Scott Denton
Modeler: Stephen Ho
Modeler: Ian Wilmoth
Rigger: Sean Kealey
Original music, sound design: HSW Music
Creative Director/Executive Producer: Howard Wulkan
Composer/Sound Designer: Eric Maltz
Voiceover: Paul Bellantoni
Additional Sound Design: Fernando Ascana for Headroom NYC