This is Monarchy, from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Daniela Negrin Ochoa: Piñata

Lovely combo of crayon rotoscoping and collage in Piñata, created by Daniela Negrin Ochoa. National Film and Television School, 2010.

Gal Weizman: A Different Sex

A Different Sex no.1, no.2 and no.3. Gal Weizman’s final project at Bezalel is a series of suggestive but not quite NSFW clips. Also check… Read more

Estudio Ronda: taste it

Estudio Ronda, from Argentina, brings back some love for 2D with their piece, taste it.

The Mill: Pantech

Love that wave rendering…The Mill does their take on skate video meets stylized design, for Pantech.

James Levy updates

Designer and director James Levy updates his online portfolio.

Sexy Fingers

Thanks to Jon Berkowitz for tipping us off to this very ridiculous and very NSFW piece for HIV awareness.

Synple: A History of the Title Sequence

A History of the Title Sequence, 2011 graduation project by Synple (a.k.a Jurjen Versteeg). More on the concept & process at Watch the Titles

Synple: A History of the Title Sequence

Beautiful 2011 graduation project on title sequence history by Synple (aka Jurjen Versteeg). More on the concept & process at Watch the Titles.

Bell: Chase No Face

More Kinect/FaceTracker code experiments in the Chase No Face music video for Bell. Visuals by Zach Lieberman, Francisco Zamorano, Andy Wallace and Michelle Calabro.

Björk and Scott Snibbe: Biophilia

Creative Applications reviews Björk and Scott Snibbe’s experimental music album meets iPad app, Biophilia.

GIF Shop

Daniel Savage creates Gif Shop, a nifty animated-gif creator for your iPhone. Have at it.

2011 Emmy Nominations: Credits Page

We’ll post full credit lists for the 2011 Emmy Nominations for Outstanding Main Title Design as they become available: Boardwalk Empire Length: :90 Description: Main… Read more

Hornet Relaunches, signs Ben&Julia

Hornet has relaunched with a clean new site. They’ve also signed Ben&Julia, formerly Benoit Créac’h & Julia Gaudard.