Elastic: Arrowhead Nature’s Fix

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What’s more illicit than bottling water and shipping it across state lines? Just about everything.

But that didn’t stop Elastic and director Andy Hall from casting cuddly woodland creatures as nature’s outlaws in a new campaign for Nestle and agency McCann Worldgroup.

These worlds feel like a perfect blend between Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Traffic. (And now I think we all know why Rudolph’s nose is so red.) Props to New Deal Studios for superb set construction.

[pro-player width=’468′ height=’300′ type=’video’]https://motionograph.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Arrowhead_Nature_s_Fix__The_Lab_1.mov[/pro-player]

[pro-player width=’468′ height=’300′ type=’video’]https://motionograph.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Arrowhead_Nature_s_Fix__The_Shipment_.mov[/pro-player]

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Client: Nestle Waters

Agency: McCann Erickson NY
ECD: Craig Markus
Associate Creative Director/AD: David Waraska
Copywriter: Don Wilhelmi
Art Director Banners: Joseph Carreno
Producer: Andrea Kaye
Director Integrated Production: Jonathan Shipman
Business Partner: Emily Giordano
Project Manager: Christiane Basagoiti

Design + Animation
Production Company: Elastic
Director: Andy Hall
Set Construction + Photography: New Deal Studios
Designer(s): Chris Sanchez, Max Ulichney
Producer: Heather Johann, Meredith Tomasulo
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall
CG Lead: Max Ulichney
2D Lead Compositor: Shahana Khan
2D Compositors: Maciek Sokalski, Ned Wilson
3D Artists: Joe Paniagua, Andy Lewis, Erin Clark, Tom Nemeth, Joe Chiechi, Tim Donlevy, Martin Furness, Paulo De Almada, Chris Janney, Adam Carter, Amy Gohal, Ryan McDougal,
3D Animators: Frantz Vidal, Abel Salazar, Matt Ornstein, Lindsey Butterworth, Pablo Smith, John Tumlin
Assistant Editor: Anton Capaldo-Smith
Colorist: Shahana Khan
Conform: Brendan Crockett

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Stephen Fitz

Animation = lovely. Concept = I had no idea what I’d watched after the first time through. Maybe I are just dumb, but I wasn’t sure who was smuggling what and if that was bad or not. Forest animals as criminals? NEVER!
(edit: I’m only talking about the first spot)


yep – it took a repeat viewing to understand what the hell was going on.  maybe that’s a good thing?

no.  probably not.

i think the problem is that they didn’t *really* go for it.  if you’re going with The Wire/Breaking Bad/New Jack City thing, REALLY go for it.  as it is now, the metaphor is muddled by the PG-13-ness of the execution.

but the visual style is certainly refreshing and beautiful.

Patrick Dunn-Baker

Some great spots.  A big nod to the New Deal Studios team who did an incredible job designing and constructing these fantastic miniature sets, the attention to detail is incredible.

maximus thor

I think the problem people are having with these spots is they are not in order.  You should see the one with the bear and squirrel going over the ingredence first, so you have an idea of what it’s all about, then the truck one, and finally, the one with the rangers busting them all.  There’s a story here, but it’s being told out of order, and it’s confusing.

maximus thor

Great look and great animation!!  I think the confusion comes from the fact they are posted in the wrong order.  You should see the bear and squirrel going over ingredients first, then the truck heist and finally the bust by the rangers.

Well done guys.  Hats off.

Erik Lehman

The bear sounds are from World of Warcraft.  Oops?

Andrew Hoeveler

The animation is great!
But sorry. I agree with the others, it still doesn’t make sense. I had a lot more to say, but I’ll refrain. ;-)


Where do I begin?

Reminds me of the ET ride in Universal studios, the spots are a mash of all these movie references that don’t help sell the product… is it an Ad or is it trying to be more that what is should be. Looks like an expensive FAIL. Clearly, whatever Elastic was trying to say… wasn’t heard.Among the other things that bother me…I also don’t get why the animals were designed stylistically and the world they live in don’t go together. There are a lot of choices the director made that are questionable. Enough said. Must have been a “B” team project. Clearly not reflective of the other work Elastic has put up. What happened?

Cheon-Kyu Jang

Nice and very cute and expressive.

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