Psyop for FedEx: The Making of “Enchanted Forest”

It’s been five years since Psyop made their mark on the industry with Happiness Factory — the high flying, CG fable that defined a commercial genre they helped to create. If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it, and once more, the studio plays with the textbook devices that make Psyop distinctively Psyop. In their latest work, magical imagery and a wizardry of craft assure that Enchanted Forest stands shoulder to shoulder aside a long line of Psyop classics. The team elaborates:

We wanted to create a world that is surreal, sophisticated and cinematic where the forest is practical with a blend of CG enchantments. Our desire was to have a poetic interpretation of an idealized forest where everything is alive and has a soul to tell our story of FedEx’s eco-friendly solutions. For this fairy tale, we wanted to create depth and mystery with stylized characters and unique magical vegetation to blend them into this weird hybrid world.

In a Motionographer exclusive, Psyop has offered up a rare glimpse into the enchanting artwork that went into the creation of their most recent gem and sat down for a Q&A: The Making of “Enchanted Forest.”

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Vladimir Tomin

This photo alone is good enough for main page feature:

Lilian Darmono

So beautiful! Every styleframe is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! congrats, guys, I’m sure there’s lots and lots of hours and late nights go into this! 

Naomi Chen

The illustration above was done by designer Denny Khurniawan. He’s not in the production credits because he was not on the project when it went official. Thought people might want to know. :)

Paul Williams

Being a motion designer/3D artist in the industry, I’m genuinely curious as to how long they had to work on this spot, especially when they say “For the post there was a very short turnaround”.

For such a gorgeous spot, it’s hard to imagine what a short turnaround time for this would be, specifically because in my world, short is a few days to a week for a project to be completed.

Innanoshe Bunmi

I too want to know what the turn around time was…


Those frames are *beautiful* and look like so much fun to do, well done guys!

Weston Burke

They’re so talented, they could do a feature film if they really wanted.

Ruoyu Li

did miguel help with the flying camera rig lol

Eric Edwards

its a little odd to choose happiness factory as some point to look back on as a start…. they were one of if not the best in the biz way before that.


It came out great!

I also found another concept illustration from Wes Louie for this spot here:

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