Fortiche Prod: League Of Legends

Directed by Passion Paris duo Arnaud & Jerome, this promo for the online game League of Legends showcases their newest character, Jinx. The video was created by Fortiche Prod and produced… Read more

Trexel: SuperBot

Introducing SuperBot in “A Magnifying Glass”, the pilot episode of a proposed children’s animated series, by Trexel Animation in Argentina.

IBM: Ninjas vs Superbugs

1st Avenue Machine’s Nico Casavecchia broke out the paper and glue for his latest directorial effort, a quirky short promoting IBM’s work in bioengineering. This… Read more

Haynes “Beans”

This mock commercial is just too much fun not to share. I only wish real clients had the guts (pun intended) to fund this kind… Read more

Ricardo Winter Bess

Two nice motion tests by Brazil-based Ricardo Winter Bess. Elektra and Gravity.  

12 Days of Elves

Some devilish minds (who wish to remain anonymous) have whipped up a dozen gruesome but chuckle-worthy animations, 12 Days of Elves. EDITOR’S NOTE: At the… Read more

Carl Krull: Walker

We’ve posted Carl Krull‘s beautiful time-lapse drawings before. Love the camera motion in Walker, a spot made for a campaign focused on traffic safety. Sound… Read more

LAIKA: Box Trolls Trailer

Hardcore behind-the-scenes lovin’ in the new Box Trolls trailer from LAIKA. Hat tip to Cartoon Brew.

Ian Worrel: Gravity Falls

Catching up with some lovely concept art and backgrounds by Ian Worrel for Gravity Falls, Paranorman, and more. Make sure to check out this nice… Read more