OK Go “The Writing’s On the Wall”

Directed by the always brilliant Aaron Duffy, OK Go’s latest music video is chock full of fun optical illusions and in-camera tricks that required as much foresight and planning as their previous videos (read: a ton).

Behind the Scenes

The behind the scenes video looks like utter chaos, but in reality it’s a meticulously choreographed dance of design and technology.


Created By SpecialGuest.tv for OK Go
Directed by Aaron Duffy, Damian Kulash, Jr. & Bob Partington
Production Co – 1stAveMachine
Exec. Producer – Cheri Anderson at SpecialGuest
Exec. Producer – Sam Penfield at 1stAveMachine
Producer – Garrett Fennelly
Creative Consultant – Mary Fagot
Director of Photography – William Rexer
Production Designer – Ethan Tobman
Wardrobe Designer – Ciera Wells
Color – Ricart + Co — Seth Ricart
Audio – Dig It Audio — Jeffery Seelye