Carboni Studio: “All Over”

Chris Carboni and a small team gracefully stitched together this cinematic survey of a music video.

We asked Chris about the making-of logistics:

“This video was so much fun to make, but it was also a ton of work with a tiny team on a tight schedule, so it was pretty intense too! I guess that’s appropriate though, given that the track is about a love/hate relationship. A lot of the fun came in finding the right balance of these two extremes. I knew I wanted to echo the idea of constantly cycling back and forth by having continuous transitions – no cuts – which resulted in a lot of work on both the design and animation end. Every shot had to be constructed to blend into the next. Luckily I had help from two incredible animators, Elaine Lee and Matt Everton. Each was only on board for about three weeks of the six week production schedule and they killed it. We animated in Photoshop to keep the hand crafted feel of the designs, then comped in AE.”

How many movies can you name?