Ronda does “Banda Valentia” for Boomerang Latina America

This incredibly cute promo campaign from Ronda (co-directed by the prolific Gabriel Fermanelli) for Boomerang Latin America’s works within the network’s tight brand guidelines while still sporting inventive transitions and snappy storytelling.

The crew at Ronda answered some of our questions about the project:

What is “Banda Valentia”?

“Banda Valentia” means “Brave Club.” It’s a special segment of Boomerang that promote girl-based shows like Hello Kitty, Lazy Town, Masha & The Bear and Scooby Doo.

Did you guys develop the scripts for Boomerang? 

The Boomerang brief was that it should be about girls who are ready for any adventure. They should be fun, loyal and unstoppable!

We worked on the scripts about these four cute girls who face a dangerous situation, transforming themselves into the superheroes of the Boomerang programming block, taking powers and costumes that represent the strengths of the various series on the channel.

We wrote every script at Ronda and then shared with the Boomerang team to find the best way to move forward.

What was the design process like?

For the design, we had in mind the aesthetics of Boomerang: trying to be synthetic, iconic and using only a few colors.

A reference for us was Sailor Moon. We really like the transformations in that series, and we saw something funny in these spectacular displays where eventually she only ends up changing hairstyle or painting her nails. We try to recover some of that in our transformations.

What was the most difficult part of the job?

The hardest part of the project was that we had to create a package that represents and unifies four series that are aesthetically very different from each other. We had to cover 3D aesthetics, traditional animation and cinematic footage.

We needed to avoid directly displaying the characters in each series, so we decided to show them indirectly through this four girls who transform themselves. That gave us enough freedom to reinterpret the different characters.


Creative Director: Damon Pittman
Writer Producer: Maria Layus
Producer: Nikki Foster
Direction: Santiago Graziano, Gabriel Fermanelli
Scripts: Santiago Graziano, Fernán Graziano, Miguel Cesti
Animatics: Gabriel Fermanelli
Art: Santiago Graziano, Gabriel Fermanelli
Character Designs: Gabriel Fermanelli
Animation: Fernán Graziano, Santiago Graziano, Jules Guerin, Martín Gil
Sound Design: Fernán Graziano (Naranja y verde)