Today, the Los Angeles-based collective ROYGBIV released the teaser for their upcoming animated series Aiko.

Created by Evan Viera and Charley Pope, Aiko is a haunting tale of struggle and loss set in a world very much like our own… but with monsters.


As an inhuman army of unknown origin rips apart her homeland, a young girl discovers within herself a well of mystical power that she neither wants nor understands. Together with her sister and an old sage, she strikes out across the war-torn countryside, searching for the truth behind an ancient family secret that could save the world from annihilation.

To find out more about Aiko and how you can get in touch, you can find the press kit here.

Aiko_11 Aiko_09 Aiko_08 Aiko_07 Aiko_06 Aiko_05 Aiko_04 Aiko_03 Aiko_01

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Joe Donaldson

Joe Donaldson is a director, designer, and animator who worked on Motionograpgher from 2014-2020. Previously, he was an art director at Buck. Over the past decade, he's lived and worked in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles and has directed work for clients such as Apple, Google, Instagram, The New York Times, Unicef, Etsy, and The New Yorker. In addition to his creative work, in 2018 he started Holdframe. He's now working as a professor at Ringling College of Art and Design and when not teaching he can be found spending time with his family or out running.


Jeffrey Grutter

Amazing! I hope this gets picked up. Does anyone have a clue as to how they are achieving that beautiful soft glow and soft chromatic aberration around light spots?

Evan Viera

Actually nothing fancy here. The soft glows are just gradient layers set to dodge and overlay. But with a light touch.

The chromatic aberration is just the R,G, and B channels distorted separately with gray scale gradients as intensity mattes.

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Justin Cone

Fantastic. Simple does it. Thanks for the added info, Evan!

Evan Viera

No problem and thanks again for the support.

Jeffrey Grutter

As simple as it may be, I’d still love to see a breakdown or maybe you could steer me in the direction of where you picked up the knowledge of this technique? This work (as well as your past work) is truly inspiring and has really stirred something up in me as an artist. Sorry to post this on such a public platform, I’d love to message with you directly if you are willing. Again, AMAZING stuff. Cheers!

Evan Viera

Hey Jeffery, that’s kind of you to say.

Well we’re planning to release a process breakdown soon, although it will mostly feature the animation process.

I hope to get to a comp and fx animation breakdown as well, but honestly I’m struggling to find time for it.

Once we post them, I’ll announce on Twitter. /orchidanimation

Evan Viera

Also, thanks Joe and all for the post! It’s very much appreciated.

John Lane

I can see the slight difference in the effects to the different color channels. It’s nice. I was wondering about tools for character animation. It’s just right; good posing and turns, but not so slick that it looses the hand drawn look. Was something like TV Paint used, or was this all Photoshop. I like Harmony for long form work, myself, and am looking forward to the animation timeline for Krita – like TV Paint, now in beta.

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