40 Instagram accounts you should be following

I was an early adopter to Instagram. I started my first account in 2011 — just a couple of months after they initially launched. My first image was not the most captivating.


Back then, Instagram was the Wild West of image sharing. Most of the early posts had these ridiculous filters and faux-film frames and were shot on the terrible smartphone cameras of the times.

Heck, hashtags didn’t even exist in the context of Instagram’s first version.

Taming the Wild West

Things have changed quite a bit since then. It has become yet another platform to put yourself out there, and lately I’ve noticed that it’s become a firehose of content (just as Justin Cone has said about Vimeo). Everyone is trying to scream louder than the next.

But beyond the hip mom with her pristine white walls and kids who dress better than you; the obsessively perfect human specimens who exercise 25 hours a day and seem to have no problem only taking pictures of themselves and their impossible physiques; and the occasional actual celebrity — who are sometimes both of the other two types — who else is competing for our follows and likes?

Instagram started as a purely photo-driven app. It functioned with the intent to encapsulate and share a moment as it happened. Eventually, photographers glommed on and began taking it to the next level — many of which took photos with professional grade cameras and prime lenses, posting to their feeds while opening up a debate on how Instagram should be used. That debate seemed to fade away from discussion and Instagram became the firehouse it is today.

A promotional platform emerges

Now that artists, illustrators, and — with the addition of video support — animators have seen the power of Instagram’s reach, it has become a platform for prospective clients to gauge the relevance of any given creatively-minded individual.

Due to the app’s limitations, it’s not the best place to view full spots or short films. But it is a great place to see animation clips, works in progress, lost styleframes that otherwise would vanish into the ether, and even experimental pieces that may not have a venue elsewhere.

I am urging everyone who frequents Motionographer and who has an Instagram account to follow all of the users I’ve listed below — as long as you like the work, of course — and to further extend the dialogue between artist and fan.

On Instagram, curation comes from not only the artist’s feed but also from who you choose to follow and engage with in your own feed.

Shameless plug (with a purpose)

One quick note about my own personal journey through Instagram. At the start of this year, I made a decision to start a personal art/illustration account as an outlet for my own creativity. (I’ll admit it is a shameless self-promo plug to drop it here, but it is relevant.)


I am using it to challenge myself to make as many images as I can and to post as often as I can, from once a day to multiple posts in a day. It’s also a great place to push my own personal “style” or “voice” and to have a place where I can chart my own progress.

For anyone who needs motivation to make more, Instagram is a great tool to build a following, engage with that audience through your work, and possibly even build a revenue stream, either through marketing the work you post as objects for sale or by finding the right client.

40 Instagram accounts you should be following

Without further ado, here’s my top 40 list of Instagram accounts (in alphabetical order) that you should be following.


ARM (Thanat Sattavorn)

Arm’s feed is nearly all animation and it’s all done really well. The feed is a bit slow but when he does post it’s always refreshing.

Ash Thorp

The one and only Ash Thorp, who at this point needs no explanation, has an awesome feed of his sci-fi inspired images comic art mixed with his intense UI work.

Adam Patch

Adam is a great director and animator but his Instagram feed is chock full of cinematic images with amazing compositions and colors.


Animade’s feed is a fun mix of their minimal character and design work and slick animation.

Andrew Vucko

I love everything Andrew does. Plain as that.

Anchor Point

Anchor Point represents a lot of up and coming creative collectives and directors worldwide. The feed combines works from their roster in both still and animated form.


Bryce Wymer

Bryce is a veteran of the industry and a master of many styles, but his feed consists of images from his personal art — which is incredible. He has been one of my favorite designers for a very long time, and it should be obvious why.


How does one man even make this stuff let alone at the pace he does. It’s insane, truly. Just go check it out.

Benjy Brooke


Benjy’s work is definitely Moebius and Zapp comic-inspired but his animation timing and hand animation skills are out of this world. His feed is mostly personal work, and I am fine with that, because it’s amazing.


Do I need to say more?



Brikk has been up to some great stuff over the last couple of years. The feed is animation heavy.




I loved Sebas and Clim and was bummed to see them separate, but Clim is still doing amazing stuff as his feed proves day after day.


David Pocull

David is one of my favorite designers and directors in our industry. I love his choice of color and texture, and his style is constantly evolving.


Devicers have been one of my favorite recent finds. The Primavera Sound Line Up film they did introduced me to them on Vimeo, and on Instagram I stayed for their constant stream of awesomeness.


Gentleman Scholar

Gentleman Scholar has a great feed of their studio life — and what a beautiful studio they have. They also give their account over to different artists at the studio each week to keep things fresh and full of surprises.

Giant Ant

Do I really need to say why you should follow Giant Ant? Just do it. They are amazing.


We all know and love his work. His feed is a “what am I looking at exactly” game, and it’s fun and beautiful and never dull.

Golden Wolf

Jaw dropping posts on the reg. You probably already know Golden Wolf and follow them, but for those who don’t… why?

Greg Gunn

Gregg is seriously doing amazing stuff. Last year he did the Mythical Mondays project. I can’t wait to see what he does this year.


Gunner is another up and coming shop that I am excited about. Their feed is a bit light right now, but each animation post has my mouth watering.



Impactist makes beautiful images. Plain and simple.


Jake Sargeant

Jake is a true veteran of motion, but I’ve always felt photography was his true calling. Look at his feed to see why. Some of his shots were used in the second season of True Detective. That is how good they are.

Jay Quercia

Let me just put this out there: I love Jay’s work. Like I really love it. And so should you. Looking forward to seeing what he does with the good people of Oddfellows!

Jean-Michel Verbeeck


Jean-Michel’s 3D explorations are fantastic and captivating, and his style really shines through in his feed.


Kris Merc


By day he’s a warm and fuzzy director. By night, he’s living a sultry life in black and white. The images come in bursts and always leave me enthralled.

Kyle Strope

Kyle’s last 8 or so posts have me hungry for more. He’s one of the secrets of Buck’s success, so follow him to keep up with the best.



Magoz has a great feed of clever editorial illustration and simple animation. Love his use of color and proportions in his characters.

Markus Magnusson

This is hands down my favorite animation feed on Instagram. Markus is a golden god.


Nicolas Mernard


Nicolas’ work is outstanding and a bit out there. Lots of double tapping on his feed.



Oddfellows just ramped up talent and opened a new studio in Portland. Exciting things are bound to happen and so much goodness already has happened. Can’t wait to see more from them.


Polyester Studio

Polyester Studio does some solid animation work that’s worth a follow and some love.


Romain Loubersanes

I discovered Romain’s work when he followed me, and boy am I glad he did. Great stuff to feast your eyes on.

Rafael Mayani

Rafael is an amazing illustrator and now an art director at Giant Ant. His feed is full of his illustrative work and amazing character design.


Sarah Beth Hulver

Sarah Beth has quite an amazing kitchen sink feed with pictures from her life with her beaux @tymo_ and her cat. Her illustration and lettering work is pretty top notch, too!

Sean Pecknold


Every image Sean takes is a piece of art. You won’t get much in terms of his stop motion masterpieces, but you will probably like every image of his you scroll by.


Tactile Matter/Kenesha Sneed


Kenesha may be more into pottery than styleframes these days, but boy is that pottery gorgeous.

Tim Haldeen

Tim’s work spans a plethora of styles. His drawing is out of this world bizarre, but it was his minimal Tiny Adventures that left me wanting so much more!

Tuna Bora

Tuna’s built quite a big following already, but there’s a reason behind it: She’s immensely talented and deserves another follower for her nearly 50K fan base.


Yukai Du


I love Yukai’s style, which I think has influenced character design in motion graphics over the last couple of years. Love her patterns, animation and color choices.



While I generally am not a huge fan of this type of work, I think Zeitguised was one of the first and they do it well.

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About the author

Brian is a designer, drawer, director, and dad based in the perpetually weird city of Austin, Texas.


David Moyshal

Whoa, no Albert Omoss?! Highly recommended! Although not so much illustrative like the rest of these accounts. https://www.instagram.com/albertomoss/

Mar Ver

It’s a shame you forgot Emanuele Colombo, he’s posting a lot of cool stuff lately:

Al Boardman

+1 for Ema. Also ILLOTV, Slimjimstudios & Animography


Emanuele is legit! Has some nice process breakdown’s too


my god, SPAM to the max level! PLEASE… Avoid self-referential.

Brian Gossett

Troll to the max level seems more appropriate!

Brian Gossett

Thanks for introducing me to Emanuele’s work. Great stuff indeed and I already followed! I plan to collect more great accounts to share in the future.

Switzon S. Wigfall, III

Hey what’s up Brian! First and foremost I want to say thank you for giving alot of up-and-comers some light – they are truly truly talented. I personally know Sarah Beth – as we went to school together at SCAD. Dope individual and great artist – glad you were able to give her a shoutout.

If you ever have room for me and decide to put out 100-top instagram-artists-to follow for the hot summer of 2016 series – than if you can: @switzonthegreat – (one of many Beeple mentee’s and Everyday artists that’s trying to help take making art everyday to the next level).

Thank you so much!

SSWIII “Switzon S. Wigfall, III” / switzon@gmail.com

Cynthia Rovira

That’s very kind of you that you’ll be sharing more Brian (thank you!) If you can def add @switzonthegreat to the next list. I’m a big fan and he’s on the come up :)

Pedro Ramos

I’d add @thelineanimation, @slimjimstudios, @cubstudio and would follow @Beeple twice if I could.

Brian Gossett

Thanks for sharing Pedro.




Can’t believe you missed @mulchcam https://www.instagram.com/p/5aFjLvmOQz/

Brian Gossett

There’s going to be future posts and the point of this was to get the discussion going. Not an end all be all. Thanks for sharing the account, I’ll check it out!

Rhys Clarke

I’m a huge fan of @MadeByRadio’s Instagram work.

Brian Gossett

Yes! Radio does do awesome stuff!

Lauryn Siegel ✌

ugh. only one woman on the list besides the few who might work behind the scenes at some of those production co.’s….FML. (also follow me – https://www.instagram.com/flockofsiegel/)

Brian Gossett

There‘s 4 actually. Sarah Beth, Yuka, Tuna, and Kenesha. Sorry it’s not equally balanced but that’s sort of what’s to be said of our industry unfortunately. I really wish it was more balanced.

Sachio Cook

Just wishing for more women to be represented is weak. If you’re a person with some amount power in media (e.g. a writer) then you have some ability and responsibility in fixing the problem of underrepresentation. Portraying the industry as male-centric is helping keep the problem in place.

Brian Gossett

Honestly I had no political or gender agenda when compiling this list. I was simply wanting to send some good vibes out by posting some accounts I found inspiring.

Sachio Cook

Cool, I understand you didn’t intend on making a statement. I just think it’s important when curating a list on a site that members of the industry frequent, to consciously consider what the implications of your content are. If you wish there were more gender balance in the industry, then what do you think can make it more balanced? One opinion is that more inclusive and balanced representation in non-niche content (so like a list that doesn’t say 40 female artists you should be following) can be part of the solution.


Ditto what Sachio said-there are lots of women in the industry, and I’m sure if you asked for tips on women to follow you would get plenty of recommendations. There are 40 accounts listed here, and really, only 4 women? We don’t need a leg up, we’re already a huge part of the work force in the industry, it would help if articles like these helped to recognize that.

Edward Vosper

Check out my new Animation Instagram, I’m animating the Alphabet from A to Z.


Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


Mike M.

I would add @kidmograph to that list. One day @motionaddicts will get there.

Brian Gossett

Thanks Mike, I’ll check them out!

Jack TwoDF

Can’t beliave you missed mine @2deadfrog https://www.instagram.com/2deadfrog/ XD

Jack TwoDF

But now, talking seriously, Instagram was been a great way to promote your work, to a specific audience. I used instagram as a plataform to lauch a product that I was developing for animators, and the engagement received by the followers was amazing, huge if comparad to others social networks. Even Vine wasnt so great for me. In general I think that the Instagram audience like very much animations and illustrations, so it is a good channel for us, a good way to promote our work. In addicional, I would recomend the @ema_colombo, and the @slimjumstudios. These huys was aready featured in motionographers, but they instagram are amazing, similar style as the @motionmarkus.

Brian Gossett

Thanks Jack, you are indeed correct. Instagram is a fantastic platform for self promotion but also simply just to share your work at any stage of the process. Thanks for the recommendations too!

Cynthia Rovira

You should def check out SSWIII’s work – he’s def inspired by Beeple and GMUNK and he said it plenty of times lol. I would add @switzonthegreat to that list.

Aaron Gaponoff

I’m having a hard time getting my animation content uploaded to Instagram. What am I missing?

Mair Perkins

Instagram is great for discovering new animators. I prefer it to Vimeo or YouTube as you get a “behind the scenes” kind of insight. Thanks for sharing all the extra animation goodness to follow.


instagram.com/picnicstudio Check that out, Gossett.

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