FITC Toronto 2016 Titles

If you only watch one video today, make it this one.

With visuals by Giant Ant and audio by Antfood, the title sequence for this year’s FITC Toronto festival is a breathtaking interpretation of the history of video games. Riffing on the the conference’s “Level Up” theme, the project takes us from glitchy 8-bit to the budding possibilities of VR.

fitc2016-levelup-_0008_Layer 1 fitc2016-levelup-_0007_Layer 2 fitc2016-levelup-_0006_Layer 3 fitc2016-levelup-_0005_Layer 4 fitc2016-levelup-_0004_Layer 5 fitc2016-levelup-_0003_Layer 7 fitc2016-levelup-_0002_Layer 6 fitc2016-levelup-_0001_Layer 8 fitc2016-levelup-_0000_Layer 9



Client: FITC
Agency: Giant Ant
Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Liam Hogan
Creative Direction: Jorge R. Canedo
Art Direction: Rafael Mayani
Additional Design: Jorge R. Canedo, Nicholas Ferreira
2D Animation & Compositing: Jorge R Canedo, Nicholas Ferreira, Shawn Hight, Matt James, Max Halley
Cel Animation: Henrique Barone, Jorge R. Canedo, Jay Grandin
3D Modelling & Animation: Nicholas Ferreira, Matt James, Conor Whelan, Shawn Hight
Music & SFX: Antfood
FITC Toronto 2016 speakers include
Adam Cutler, IBM Cloud
Adrià Navarro, Red Paper Heart
Alon Chitayat, Animishmish Creative House
Ana Serrano, CFC Media Lab
Anton McConville, IBM
Anton Repponen, Anton & Irene
Ash Thorp, ALT Creative Inc.
Blair Renaud, IRIS VR Inc.
Bob Heubel, Immersion Corporation
Branden Hall, Automata Studios
Brendan Dawes, Singleman
Catt Small, SoundCloud
Chrys Wu, MacDiva
Claudia Chagüi, Fake Love
Craig Fitzpatrick, PageCloud
Daniel Scheibel, Red Paper Heart
David Allen, Allen Tattoo
David Lehman, HUSH
David OReilly, David OReilly
Denis Lirette, Globacore
Elli Raynai, Cinehackers
Eric Boyd, Sensebridge
Eric Decker, Firstborn
Gary Baseman, Hotchachacha, Inc.
Giorgio Natili, McGraw Hill Education
Graham Churchill, IBM Canada Ltd
Greg Hermanovic, Derivative
Haris Mahmood, Shopify
Helen Androlia, Gravity Partners Ltd.
Holly Knowlman, Stupid Magazine
Irene Pereyra, Anton & Irene
Ivan Cash, Cash Studios
J Lee Williams, OccupiedVR
James White, Signalnoise
Jared Ficklin, argodesign
Jason White, Leviathan
Jay Grandin, Giant Ant
Jean-Philippe Côté, Collège Édouard-Montpetit
Johnny Cupcakes
Keetra Dean Dixon
Kim Alpert, DCI Artform
Lance Weiler, Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab
Liam Oscar Thurston, TWG
Lola Landekic, Art of the Title
Louis Lazaris, SitePoint
Mark Rigley, Fuel Youth
Markus Heckmann, Derivative
Matt DesLauriers, Jam3
Maya Bruck, Etsy
Michael Muller, MULLERPHOTO
Mikko Haapoja , Jam3
Mr. Bingo
Nicholas Felton, Feltron
Nick Van Weerdenburg, Rangle
Paige Raynes, Immersion Corporation
Paul Pattison, Relish Interactive
Paul Trani, Adobe
Pearl Chen, Karma Laboratory
Rami Sayar, Microsoft Canada
Richard Blakely, Influxis
Rob McDiarmid, Konrad Group
Ron Edelen, Myjive
Ron White, Firstborn
Ryan Christiani, HackerYou
Sabaa Quao, Newsrooms
Sarah Groff-Palermo
Sophi Kravitz, MIX-E
Stacey Mulcahy, Microsoft
Stefan Grambart, Secret Location
Stephen Martell, Current Studios
Steve Tam, Snips
Tanya Collier MacDonald, Orenda
Titus Blair , Dolby Laboratories
Trevor Haldenby, The Mission Business
Varun Vachhar ,
Will Perkins, Art of the Title
Wilson Brown, Antfood
Yulia Vasilyeva , Intelocate
Zander Brimijoin, Red Paper Heart

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