The Sentinel

Set in a world where even gravity is broken, up and coming LA-based studio, Boketto, is off to a great start with this haunting trailer for their new project, “The Sentinel.”

Directed by Adam Floeck and Nate Swinehart, “The Sentinel” is an animated series inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, The Iron Giant, and the works of Studio Ghibli. Taking place in a strange new world filled with myths and legends, “The Sentinel” is the story of an ancient stone warrior and a young runaway on a quest for a new haven for not only themselves but humanity — or what is left of it.


The world as we know it is gone.  A terrible force known as The Scourge has ripped apart the land, boiled the seas and broken even gravity itself.  A band of survivors has taken refuge in a mountaintop fortress, the lone safe-haven from the chaotic world below.  They constructed a mythic warrior, a stone giant known as The Sentinel, with the power to restore the world so that it can once again sustain life.  Centuries pass as the people wait for their hero to return and liberate them, but a boy named Ori refuses to wait any longer.  He is willing to do the forbidden and escape the fortress itself to seek the warrior and fulfill the Legend of Humanity’s deliverance.  Little does he know The Sentinel is waiting just outside the fortress walls, and the journey the two must embark on is nothing either could imagine.


What’s impressive about this project isn’t simply the artistry Boketto has been able to achieve with such a small team but also their grassroots efforts to make something that they can call their own.

If you’d like to find out more about the team behind “The Sentinel” and how you can help make this project a reality, please go here.


Sarah Kambara

Adam Floeck
Nate Swinehart

Adrian Hunt

Visual Development
Bani Hilman
Bridget Underwood
Helene Leroux
Lauren Duda
Natalia Mercado
Nathan Pierce
Ryan Elk

Nate Swinehart

Matte Painting
Bani Hilman
Ben Anderson
Justin Oaksford
Nathan Pierce
Susan Yung

Alex Curtis

Eli Glasch
Jonathan Flanders
Jordan Hess
Taylor Clutter
Tyler Bolyard

Leon Li-Aun Sooi
Peter DeSalvo

Adam Floeck
Alex Snow
Brooke Shay
Joseph Taylor
Peter DeSalvo
Taylor Clutter
Tim Kallok

Look Development
Eric Schultz
Megan Stifter
Megan Walker
Moh Sinbawy
Myles Davis
Rusty Currier

Nhaca Chau

Additional Effects
Adam Floeck
Ernesto Ruiz Velasco

Pipeline TD
Peter DeSalvo
Ryan Dowlingsoka

Lighting and Compositing
Alex Corll
Craig Zacok
Dario Sabato
Erich Burchfield
Michael Launder
Kim Zhu
Natalie Greenhill

Sound Design
Alex Previty
Beau Jimenez
Blake Johnson
Darren Prentice

Craig Zacok
Erik Braa
Nicholas Andrew Louie

Alex Previty

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