Our Top Ten Most Viewed Quickies of 2022

Happy New Year!

Anyone back in the swing of things yet?

Thought not.

Well, if you still need a couple more days to recover, here’s an excuse to make a coffee, dim the lights and chew up at least 20-30 minutes watching our top-viewed Quickies of 2022.

We’ve got title sequences, music videos, festival titles and brand announcements from some incredible Motion Designers, and we’ve even included links to some project breakdowns. (Maybe grab a snack as well).

There are some exciting things happening at Motionographer, which we’ll be announcing very shortly. In the meantime, please keep sending us your work, press releases and article ideas.

We’ve tagged in all the creators below, so be sure to follow them into 2023.


TOLM | Janek Murd


Ava explores the constant cycle of life – be it a breath of air, passing of a day, a full turn of the year, or a journey from one’s birth to death.
AVA (meaning ‘opening’ or ‘to open’ in Estonian) opens with flashes in the darkness and then follows different ideas of what one does with the suddenly gifted freedom and curiosity of finding out, where it will all end up when the cycle comes to a close.



Karim Dabbèche | TWO LANES

Satie: Pièces froides: II. Danses de travers, 2. Passer (Two Lanes Rework)

Deutsche Grammophon introduces the genre-defying project Fragments, an invitation from Deutsche Grammophon for twelve leading electronic artists to respond to a single composer. With one single released each month, Fragments gradually builds over the course of a year.



Sean Wehrli & Mayukh Goswami

No Hoodie

A man who pushed away or was alienated from everyone he knew until confronted with the last person in his life that mattered. This video features 3 rap artists who support the homeless alongside a non-profit called Hoodies for the Homeless.




Creative Mammals

The Walking Dead

The concepts of duality and indecision served as the foundation for the atmosphere we worked to create in this animated promo. The contrast between light and dark, good and evil, reflects the characters’ uncertainties and moral ambiguity as we reach the middle of Season 11. We combined messy, painterly, high-contrast imagery with dramatic shifts between light and dark to create an intense visual dichotomy. The use of staccato animation and sharp transitions removes any sense of emotional fluidity and adds to the overarching tension.



Click here to read our project breakdown of this piece 



The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Main Title Sequence

Inspired by the idea of memories as noisy secrets locked behind a door, we envisioned this title sequence as an illustrated journey inside Ptolemy’s chaotic mind where fragments of his memories are rendered as unfinished sketches. Agitated, rough charcoal strokes reveal pieces of the image, whether it is something based in reality or one of his dreamy visions. These sketches oscillate between lucidity and ambiguity as certain areas are missing or effaced as if drawn by a delirious hand that wants to understand reality.



Click here to read our project breakdown of this piece 




Edge — Net zero

Prior to creating this film we worked closely with our client to redevelop their brand voice with an emphasis on social responsibility. In the film we’ve used this voice along with the metaphor of reusing and repurposing materials throughout. The result is a mixed-media delivery that speaks candidly.



Coat of Arms

SXSW 2022 Film Festival | Opening Titles

We wanted to build an anthology of different visual styles to speak to the diversity of genre and film that play at the festival. There are 14 easter eggs hidden throughout the titles. Can you spot them all?




Always Curious

‘Always Curious’ is the result of a four month combined effort in which each of the members of our creative team developed a proposal, using different aesthetics and design techniques.



FUGU / Gilles Pointeau

ON THE VERGE main title

A rhythmic, fragmented portrait, celebrating women in their diversity, their aspirations, the injunctions… Mixing famous and anonymous to reveal the multiple facets of femininity.



Tim Fox

Lil Wayne ft. Kendrick Lamar – Mona Lisa

This is a Heist movie with a horror twist, set in a grimy New Orleans. Lil Wayne is the Mastermind, Kendrick is the Clean up guy, and the girls used as bait just happen to be vampires.


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