Design for Television

Check out this excellent blog post from A-HAAA about one of the earliest courses in design for television, including scans of some of the original… Read more


Some nice work from this studio in Chile known as DAf. Very dynamic body langauge, 3D animation, and time-remapped editing (love that glitchy stuff) in… Read more

Studio AKA: National Lottery

Studio AKA’s Marc Craste has created another fantastic animated piece, this time for the National Lottery. Marc Craste won a BAFTA in 2004 for his… Read more


A moment of silence for a master artist who had the ability to visually interpret light and sound. May you rest peacefully in your vision… Read more

Hyejin Hwang

No, she’s not a motion graphics guru. No, she doesn’t make films or commercials for high-profile clients. And she probably could care less about Motionographer.… Read more