Animade / Jim Billy Wheeler | Donkey Wrong


From the creator:

Bucky, the dinky seaside donkey ride, regrets becoming the most popular attraction on Barnacle Bay Beach. Find out more about the film -


Written and Directed by Jim Billy Wheeler

Executive Creative Director Ed Barrett

Executive Producers Georgie Lister-Fell, Jen Judd, Tom Judd

Producer Zak Khan

Lead Animators Jess Mountfield, Sam Stoney, Robert Duncan, Yukari Schrickel

Animators George Judd, Julia Olsson, Max Halley, Milo Targett, Peter Cobo, Pip Williamson, Ryan Bird, Stewart Harvey, Theresa Haas

Composition by Rob Flynn

Sound Design by Coda to Coda

Press and Marketing Razia Hussain

Production Support Michael O'Brien, Simona Somma-Mullins

Special thanks to Amy Egan, Bekki Leahy, Dev Joshi, Eilidh Reid, Ewa Sarnowska, Florence Layer, Frida Ek, Jenna Kirby, Katie Nash, Laura Darby, Michael Davies, Sophie Neophytou, Tracey la Cour, Romane Wach, Victoria Darriba Rios