Buck | Cartoonito Wide Load Vacay – iSpy

Zac Miller

From the creator:

Wide Load Vacay follows Frank and Charlie (Grumpy and Happy) who are two houses on a moving truck. This ISpy episode follows them as they travel through the National Parks playing the game of ISpy.

I had the opportunity to animate on this spot with a wonderful team at Buck. Getting super expressive in animation was a blast!

Credits for this episode:
CD: Sean McClintock
Producer: Andre Araujo
Lead Animator: Johan Eriksson
Design: Jose Flores, Kyle Strope
Animation: Zac Miller, Timo Prousalis, Paola Chen Li, Tinghe Yang

Cartoonito is Cartoon Network's new scheduling block geared towards a younger audience, ages 5 and under. This along with two other episodes can be seen live on Cartoon network and streaming on HBO Max.