Bottletop | The Retro Squad


From the creator:

We absolutely loved making this fun 1980s cartoon inspired animation for the launch of The Retro Squad at Alton Towers Resort.

Taking inspiration from The Transformers, Centurions, Thundercats and Masters of the Universe we designed the robot form of each ride (and Bumper 03), producing over 200 hand drawn and coloured characters and backgrounds.

"41 years ago a message asking for help to bring more funktastic thrills for the nation to enjoy was sent out into the galaxy and the cry for help was answered by The Retro Squad, 3 wickedly awesome, fairground-inspired and totally 80' rides: Mixtape – Roller Disco and Funk’n’Fly! Together they set course for ATR but never arrived and the memory of them got lost in time.... Until now cause these totally rad rides have officially landed!"