Why Is Genetic Testing Important | Color Genomics | Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms


Client: Color Genomics
Creative Direction: Clara Lehmann and Jonathan Lacocque
Visual Script: Clara Lehmann
Design Director: Ryan Butterworth
Associate Producer: Grace Lawson
Design/Illustration: Ryan Butterworth, Elena Chudoba, Peiqing Lu, Nico Piccirrilli
Animation: Peiqing Lu
Sound Design: Jenna Coyle
Music: Matt Stanfield
Voiceover: Thandi Murray

From the creator:

We love Color Genomics. They approach medicine and genetic testing with a lens focused on fairness and with an authentic love for humanity and its health. In creating this series of videos for Color, we got excited envisioning the day when genetic testing is a standard part of everyone’s healthcare.

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