Dan Rice | Halfbrick+

Dan Rice

A host of characters from Halfbrick games explode and run amok in this high-octane mixed media opening sequence for the new Halfbrick+ platform. This sequence is not just an introduction, but a vibrant celebration of the diverse and beloved characters that have defined Halfbrick’s gaming legacy.

With the launch of their new subscription platform, Halfbrick+, Halfbrick’s marketing team was looking for an opening sequence that was uplifting and emblematic of everything Halfbrick stands for. They wanted to capture the essence of their games, ensuring that players felt an immediate connection and excitement upon entering the platform.

Halfbrick games are known for their distinctive and varied art styles, so creating a unifying opening sequence was a unique challenge. To bridge this diversity, a bricolage/collage style sequence was proposed. This mixed technique allowed them to bring together characters from different worlds into a cohesive and dynamic space, celebrating the eclectic nature of Halfbrick’s creations.

They took familiar worlds and interfaces from Halfbrick games and gave them a fresh and innovative twist. This approach also allowed them to experiment with various animation styles, such as cel animation, puppet animation and UX design elements. The result is a visually rich and engaging sequence that seamlessly integrates multiple styles.



Client: Halfbrick
Executive Producer: Shainiel Deo
Producer: Sue Swinburne
Creative Director: Dan Rice
Supervising Animation Director: Brendan Deboy
Production Manager: Paris Ormerod
Pitch Styleframes: Agata Musial & Dan Rice
Storyboards: Brendan Deboy
Art Director: Ruben Almeida
Character Animation: Tom Ward
Cel Animation: Ruben Almeida
Motion Designers: Dan Rice, David Perez, Joel Sankey
Edit, Compositing & 3D: Dan Rice
Music Composition: Ricardo Melo, Ricardo Pujol, Yannis Brown
Sound Design & Mix: Jamie Campbell
Halfbrick Marketing Team:
Sue Swinburne
Brendan Deboy
Prim Poungpet
Vishal Mahadeo
Paris Ormerod
David Perez


Halfbrick @halfbrick
Dan Rice @danricemotion
Ruben Almeida @rubanimation
Tom Ward @tomadward
Agata Musial @agatainmotion
Joel Sankey @jssmotion