DAQ | Love Always Wins


This is one of the most recent personal projects from the illustration and animation studio DAQ in Barcelona, a true tribute to friendship and love. The idea to create this piece emerged when they were asked to produce something that represented them for the announcement of their recent inclusion in Totally Reps, the US roster led by Kat Irannejad. The creative duo from Barcelona, composed of David Acevedo and Anna Miracle, saw in this opportunity the chance to create something new that represented them while also allowing them to explore new creative paths and collaborate with professionals from other fields.

They decided to dedicate this work to Kat, an unstoppable woman who is stronger than a rock, someone brave who, in the face of adversity, never hesitates and keeps moving forward. They met Kat some years ago, and after a while, their paths crossed again, and now they are working together once more. It was certainly something to celebrate!

DAQ Studio has brought to life a piece full of strength, boldness, rage, and energy. According to them, this piece perfectly encapsulates the inspiration that Kat provides and reflects their shared approach to life: embracing it with fun and joy! With love and surrounded by friends.

This piece also serves as a tribute to friendship. DAQ Studio gathered a group of good friends to carry it out, convinced that collaboration enhances the final result. This project was not commissioned, so they enjoyed complete creative freedom. They took advantage of this opportunity to do something different, explore new creative paths, and collaborate with friends and colleagues from various artistic disciplines, trusting that they could complement and understand each other.

Marc Urtasun took care of the 3D modeling and animation of the illustrations created by DAQ, Aharon Ferradas handled traditional animation, and Ohanzo Soundlab contributed music and sound effects. The piece evolved into a rich collaborative project that highlighted the talents of everyone involved.

The satisfaction derived from this collaboration has led DAQ to go even further. They decided to transform one of the highlighted illustrations from the audiovisual piece into a physical object. This extension of the project symbolizes their commitment to creativity and their dedication to creating art that resonates on multiple levels.



Creative & Art Direction: DAQ
3D & Animation: Marc Urtasun
Cell animation: Aharon Ferradas
Music & Sound effects: Ohanzo Sound

Social Media:

(Instagram) wearedaq

(Website) wearedaq.com